Сriminal case of Ded Hasan godson skidded in court

Сriminal case of Ded Hasan godson skidded in court
Artem Lipetsky and Sasha Kushner (both former thieves in law)

After crowning Artem Lipetsky was not able to defend his status at the first meeting with thieves in law.

The judge of the Moscow Regional Court shelved the criminal proceedings against one of the scandalous Ded Hasan's godsons. According to Rosbalt, the other day Artem Arakelyan (aka Lipetsky) and his alleged accomplice, the criminal authority Denis Panin, hearing was temporarily postponed until the end of November.

According to the newspaper, the shelving happened because, in the opinion of the court, the investigation did not determine the role of Arakelyan and his accomplices in the murder of the Chaplyginsky underboss Sasha Abbas. It is not clear whether they committed the crime together, shooting at a time, or Sasha Abbas was eliminated by one person. In this regard, a new examination was appointed, the results of which will be ready approximately at the end of November.

The events that formed the basis of this criminal case took place a few years ago. When Sasha Abbas found out that Artem Arakelyan wanted to be crowned thief in law, he promised to disclose the incriminating evidence that would not allow him to become a crowned thief.

Apparently, for Arakelyan it was a matter of life or death and he decided to act decisively - with the help of accomplices he organized the abduction and murder of Sasha Abbas. On January 9, 2012, Sasha Abbas's body was found in a rainwater reservoir near the village of Sgonniki. Meanwhile, Arakelyan gained the coveted crown, and then was arrested together with Panin.

It is noteworthy that, gaining the coveted crown, Arakelyan was not able to defend it at the first meeting with thieves in law. It happened in Butyrka, where Sergei Bentley and Levan Peradze are serving sentences on different charges. Unable to answer simple questions as "Who knows him as a thief?" and "Who comes to him as a thief?", Artem Lipetsky was beaten by his opponents.



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