Special Police Force officers eat steaks. Criminal “gathering” interrupted by security forces caught on video 

Special Police Force officers eat steaks. Criminal “gathering” interrupted by security forces caught on video
The security forces officers enter the restaurant Photo: Vecherniye Vedomosti

Details of the interrupted “gathering.”

The details of the operation to curb the criminal “gatherings” in Kamyshlov, the Sverdlovsk Region, have transpired. Earlier, the CrimeRussia reported that last Friday, officers of the regional Organized Crime Uni, together with the National Guard’s officers, interrupted the “gathering” of crime lords, as a result of which about 15 people were detained.

The participants of the gathering planned to discuss the redistribution of spheres of influence in Kamyshlov and Bogdanovich. Recently, after serving a six-year term for swindling (Article 159 CCRF) and extortion (Article 163 CCRF), Andrey Vorotnikov (Vorotnik) got out of jail. It is known that he actively interacts with the overlord for Kamyshlov named Vagif. However, Vagif himself was not among the people detained at the “gathering.”

The publication Vecherniye Vedomosti obtained the videos from surveillance cameras which recorded the security officers’ visit to the venue. In addition, the publication reported about curious details of the “gathering.”






According to the newspaper, Vorotnik’s release was really celebrated in the restaurant. That evening, his acquaintances and friends gathered, but only a few of them were aware of the real purpose of the feast —at the meeting, it was planned that Andrey Vorotnikov would be declared the overlord of Kamyshlov. The power should have been transferred from abovementioned Vagif, 67, (real name Vagif Gulahmed Sultanov Ogly). According to sources, due to the state of health, Vagif can no longer fulfill the duties of the “overlord’s” properly, so it was decided to give this informal title to the newly released Vorotnik. By the way, Vagif is a prominent figure in the criminal environment of the Urals. In 2016, he took part in a high-profile criminal “gathering” in a cafe on Cosmonauts Avenue in Yekaterinburg, where Agayar Agayev’s “coronation” was to take place.

As for Vorotnik, in 2013, he was convicted under several articles of the Russian Criminal Code. In view of the unserved previous sentence, he received 7 years in a strict-regime penal colony. He was released early, probably by parole. 

Even knowing that after his release, the security forces would most likely be watching him, Vorotnik decided to “close the issues” and declare himself a new overlord. The Organized Crime Unit’s operatives received information through their own channels and advanced to the gathering place, accompanied by about 20 fighters from the Special Police Force of the National Guard.

When the security forces arrived at the restaurant, the festive table had already been laid, and some of the guests, including a woman, had already arrived. Judging by the table setting, one could assume that there would be about 30 people. 

The behavior of the security forces got on surveillance cameras, which raises questions. For example, the Special Force officers for some reason dragged the DJ on the floor and kicked him. Another employee was forced to crawl around the venue, although he did not offer any resistance. Why the security forces did not “filter” their “clients” remains an open question.

The cameras did not catch the most curious actions of the officers, the publication writes. According to restaurant staff, they fall upon steaks and other dishes, not paying attention to the waiter, whose speech was interrupted by the “offer” to join those lying on the floor. In addition, claiming that the virus “walks” around the region, the officers “gutted” first-aid kits and used medicines.



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