Special plan of Federal Penal Correction Service. Shakro Molodoy being used for refraining of extremists 

Special plan of Federal Penal Correction Service. Shakro Molodoy being used for refraining of extremists
Shakro Molodoy

The country’s number one ‘thief in law’ is being sent to the South of Russia on purpose.

Prison transfer of ‘thief in law’ Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy) to a colony located in the South of Russia may be an implementation of a special plan of the Federal Penal Correction Service, reports Rosbalt with reference to its source familiar with the situation.

Authorities - with the help of the influential ‘thief’ - are trying to drive down the growth of influence of convicted extremists among correctional facilities. The agency’s source believes alarming tendencies have lately been noted in many Russian colonies. Earlier, all correctional facilities could be divided into ‘red’ ones controlled by the administration and ‘black’ ones with a significant weight of influence of ‘thieves in law’. Now, new kind of colonies emerged: ‘green’ ones - so-called Jamaats that comprise convicts who embrace ideology of radical Islam.

Thus, influential ‘thieves in law’ are being sent to the country’s region to control the situation. The Federal Penal Correction Service officials hope representatives of all prison castes would give credence to them.

The most difficult situation is in colonies of the Ural region and the South of Russia. So, ‘thief in law’ Eduard Sakhnov (aka Sakhno) who is serving his 25-year term was transferred from the Volga region to the Urals. 

Эдуард Сахнов

Eduard Sakhnov

They hope the leader of Obshchak gang would be able to smooth the situation. Zakhary Kalashev was sent to the South of Russia. Kalashev had had a status of the country’s number one ‘thief in law’ before his arrest. He is on friendly terms with influential figures in the North Caucasus.

It is known that Kalashev has already been sent from a Moscow-based remand prison Krasnaya presnya to the South of Russia. The certain region is not being named. However, ‘alpha dogs’ and ‘holders’ of Krasnodar region are ready to welcome the highly regarded visitor.

This region would be perfect for Kalashev himself: the influence of his clan around Kuban has historically been significant. At the present time, his relatives are controlling the situation in the region: ‘thieves in law’ David Ozmanov (aka Dato) and Shalva Ozmanov (aka Kuso). The appearance of Kalashev himself will strengthen their position.

This was unpleasant news to a few ‘thieves’: Eduard Asatryan (aka Edik Osetrina) who had recently been trying to get a foothold in Krasnodar and Rostov regions. 

Эдуард Асатрян с сыном

Eduard Asatryan and his son

With that, it is possible Shakro Molodoy is from time to time going to be taken to Moscow due to the fact that he can be accused additionally. In particular, in December, 2018, Moscow’s Tagansky court obliged the Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow to launch investigation into theft of the capital city’s two largest casinos Crystal and Golden Palace committed by Kalashev and “unidentified representatives of law enforcement.” This materials had earlier disappeared from the investigation and were not found.

Besides that, Shakro Molodoy is a witness in the case related to bribe taking by the Investigative Committee employees for release of his assistant Andrey Kochuykov (aka Italianets). The Federal Security Service investigators believe that the fact Shakro had met Kochuykov when the latter had been in custody took place in the building of the investigation department of Moscow’s Central Administrative District which is indicative of the corruption-ridden element of the case.



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