Special operation to ‘neutralize’ ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ at the cost of 27 million 

Special operation to ‘neutralize’ ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ at the cost of 27 million
Is the case against ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ about to collapse? Photo: The CrimeRussia

The Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don is currently examining a criminal case against 44-year-old Georgian ‘thief in law’ Nodar Asoyan also known as ‘Nodar Rustavsky’. The ‘crowned thief’ is tried ‘in absentia’ – according to the new information provided by CrimeRussia sources, he is under home arrest in Kiev. It turns out that a group of interested persons and corrupt law enforcement officers had performed an entire special operation in the Rostov region to suppress the criminal influence of Asoyan. See details in our exclusive material.

Well-informed sources state that the struggle against ‘crowned thieves’ and their operations in the Rostov region looks pretty weird. The Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Administration of Criminal Investigation of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for the Rostov Region under the command of infamous (after a series of publications about the gang of ‘rogue cops’) Evgeny Germashev, with the patronage of his brother Nikolai Germashev, Head of the Operations and Search Division of Internal Security of the MIA General Administration for the Rostov Region, has transformed this struggle into a smoothly-running business. We became aware that the Rostov ‘rogue cops’ make money by eliminating representatives of certain criminal clans for the benefit of other clans willing to pay for this.

According to the CrimeRussia sources, ‘Nodar Rustavsky’, a pretty respected criminal ‘authority’, had pursued kind of a ‘noble cause’ – he tried to eradicate the large-scale drug trafficking in the region. Therefore, he has come into conflict with members of another ‘thieves clan’ – Aleksei ‘Lekha Zlak’ Zlakomanov (who was alive at that time), David ‘Dato Krasnodarsky’ Dzhangidze, and Roman ‘Remen’ (Belt) Barkabadze. These persons had considered the Rostov region their ‘drug trafficking’ domain’: synthetic drugs were coming there from Ukraine, while plant-based drugs were shipped through the Bagaevsky, Zernogradsky, and Kagalnitsky districts of the region.


Nikolai and Evgeny Germashev

The ‘business’ and connection of ‘crowned thief’ ‘Lekha Zlak’ who died in 2014 of a heart failure (according to an alternative version, of a drug overdose) have been assumed by his cousin and namesake Aleksei Zlakomanov who reportedly controls the drug trafficking in the Don River basin, illegal fuel sales to Ukraine, and even slave trade.

The sources stated earlier that the two high-ranked officers of the MIA General Administration for the Rostov Region – brothers Germashev – provide patronage to ‘crowned thieves’ in the region. ‘Lekha Zlak’ used to operate under their control as well; he was ‘crowned’ and permitted to live in the Rostov region through their help. However, the brothers were unable to guarantee complete impunity to ‘thieves in law’ – this became obvious when above-mentioned ‘Dato Krasnodarsky’ was caught with ‘spice’. During his arrest, operatives of the Administration of Criminal Investigation of the MIA General Administration for the Krasnodar Krai have found synthetic drugs in an especially large amount on the ‘crowned thief’, and now he is facing a prison term of up to 10 years. Concurrently it became known that Merab Dzhangveladze, ‘godfather’ of David Dzhangidze, has ‘decrowned’ him.


‘Lekha Zlak’ and ‘Dato Krasnodarsky’

According to the sources, shortly before the arrest and loss of the title, ‘Dato Krasnodarsky’ had allocated some 200 million rubles ($3.5 million) from the thieves’ pooled cash fund for the services provided by brothers Germashev – but it did not help him. It is not a coincidence that such large-scale spendings from the pooled cash fund have occurred after the neutralization of operations of ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ and his henchmen. Brothers Germashev had been paving the way for such level of financing for several years by gaining power in the MIA General Administration and strengthening ties with regional criminal oligarch Aleksei Zlakomanov.

The neutralization of Nodar Asoyan’s influence in the region was ongoing for the last five years. Five years ago, a criminal case was initiated against him on suspicion of theft via late ‘thief in law’ Armen ‘Armen Kanevsky’ Arutyunyan and his connections in the Operations and Search Division of the Administration for Combating Organized Crime for the Southern Federal District where Evgeny Germashev, the current Head of the Department for Combating Organized Crimeof the Administration of Criminal Investigation of the MIA General Administration for the Rostov Region, had been working at that time as an operative. The CrimeRussia sources state that this case was a frame-up. It was examined in the Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don. The legal proceeding had progressed slowly because there was no evidence against the ‘crowned thief’. But in 2015, the trial has suddenly accelerated after the appointment of Nikolai Germashev the Head of the Operations and Search Division of Internal Security of the MIA General Administration for the Rostov Region, while his brother became the Head of the Department for Combating Organized Crimeof the Administration of Criminal Investigation of the MIA General Administration for the Rostov Region – although earlier he was only a deputy head of a division.


‘Lekha Zlak’ and ‘Sasha Sever’

Immediately after the appointment of brothers Germashev to the key positions in the Regional MIA General Administration, ‘Dato Krasnodarsky’ and ‘Vagan Karlik’ (Vagan the Dwarf), the only member of ‘Kanevskie’ gang remaining on the loose (the CrimeRussia repeatedly wrote about him earlier), have addressed representatives of the local ‘criminal council’ Aleksei ‘Limon’ (Lemon) Povetkin and Aleksander ‘Esik’, ‘Ponchik’ (Doughnut) Esikov asking to assist in the ‘neutralization’ of Asoyan.


‘Vagan Karlik’ (operational footage)

Unsuccessful attempts of the ‘crowned thieves’ to overcome their long-term rival Asoyan had preceded this request. The reason behind their feud was the claim of ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ against Roman Mostovoy, Rostov ‘overseer’ of the thieves’ pooled cash fund, in the amount of 20 million rubles ($350.5 thousand). The funds were reportedly stolen. Aleksander ‘Ponchik’ (Doughnut) Esikov, a close friend of Mostovoy, had immediately mobilized Krasnodar ‘thieves in law’ having conflicts with Asoyan. ‘Ponchik’ had also enlisted a Rostov criminal nicknamed ‘Sadist’ having an ‘army’ of 200 athletes under his command and nationalist groups. According to some information, influential ‘Vasya Voskres’ (Vasya Resurrected), familiar with ‘Sadist’, had also opposed ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ at that time.

But despite all the efforts, they were unable to neutralize Asoyan – and then brothers Germashev have joined the fray. According to the sources in law enforcement structures, 27 million rubles ($473.2 thousand) have been paid to them via Aleksander Esikov to ‘get rid’ of ‘Nodar Rustavsky’. In return, brothers Germashev had promised to ‘solve’ the issue. Asoyan became aware of this and hastily fled the Rostov region. Initially it was reported that he has settled in a European county, but now it is known that he is in Kiev.

The sources in law enforcement structures state that following a request from brothers Germashev, Sergei Vorobiev, ex-Prosecutor of the Southern Federal District, had tried to put pressure, via his people in the regional court, on Olga Borokhova, Chairperson of the Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don. For a time, he had succeeded in this, and the trial in the Leninsky District Court was gathering momentum. During the court hearings, attorneys for Nodar Asoyan had repeatedly noted that the case file includes falsified documents. Vorobiev and Yuri Popov, ex-Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Rostov Region of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (he had to resign because his subordinates could be members of the organized criminal group under the leadership of brothers Germashev), had rejected all the complaints submitted by the defense of Asoyan. We became aware, however, that the Chairperson of the Leninsky District Court had covertly opposed the pressure from Sergei Vorobiev, ex-Deputy Prosecutor General for the Southern Federal District, and procrastinated the trial until his resignation. This fact is indicative – apparently, the regional judiciary is trying to be independent despite the enormous pressure.

Currently the trial of Nodar Asoyan is stalled again, and ultimately the case would likely collapse. Especially taking that a large-scale operative investigation against the ‘rogue cops’ under the leadership of brothers Germashev is now ongoing.

The regional ‘criminal world’ holds the breath. The question is: who is about to win? Secret services or ‘rogue cops’? Should the case against ‘Nodar Rustavsky’ be dismissed, those who had supported ‘Limon’ and ‘Ponchik’ are fearful of his return. Criminal oligarch Aleksei Zlakomanov who had taken enormous efforts to neutralize associates of Nodar, including the beating of ‘overseer’ Edgar half to death as per order of Zlakomanov for opposing the drug trafficking, also faces hard times. According to our information, ‘Edgar Shakhtinsky’ has come out of coma but can not control the city anymore due to health reasons. And the night clubs and discos are currently abundant in drugs shipped by Aleksei Zlakomanov from Ukraine.



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