Special operation in Greece and France: Lasha Shushanashvili, thieves, and rapper Kabu among detainees 

Special operation in Greece and France: Lasha Shushanashvili, thieves, and rapper Kabu among detainees
Lasha Shushanashvili

The police have raided a large mob summit of the ‘Greek clan’ in Thessaloniki.

Early in the week, one of the most influential thieves in law Lasha Shushanashvili (Lasha Rustavsky) was arrested in Thessaloniki. According to Greek media, on Monday, the police conducted an unprecedented operation to arrest members of the crime group in one of the city districts, Pilea. Referring to locals, the media report that a helicopter was involved in the operation, and there was fire from both sides. Eventually, the criminals surrendered. There is information about two wounded on their side.

In turn, it was noted at a briefing in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, that an operation codenamed Caucase Normandie was simultaneously held in France on April 16-17. As a result, in addition to Shushanashvili. several other thieves in law were detained, including Gocha Potskhishvili (Guram), Aleksandr Kobaladze aka Ramaz Gugunishvili (Sio), Nodar Shukakidze (Nodo Gldansky), and Merab Asanidze (Chikora). Apart from them, 34 members of a Georgian crime group were arrested.


Nodo Gldansky

It is noteworthy that there were a Georgian actor and rapper Kakha Abuashvili (Kabu) among those detained in the French city of Rennes.


Kakha Abuashvili (Kabu)

An unconfirmed report said the police burst into the premises during a so-called mob summit of the Greek clan headed by Lasha Rustavsky. He has already been placed in the prison of Diavaton.

As the Greek publication Protagon.gr recalls, Shushanashvili was first detained in 2012. The court sentenced him to 14 years' imprisonment for organizing a crime community. A few months ago, he was released from prison on bail. The grounds for such an easing of his detention regime was the fact that the thief allegedly had a number of serious diseases, including malignant hypertension, hepatitis B and C, vascular encephalopathy, and heart problems.

At the same time, both Spain and Georgia look forward to the extradition of the ‘leader of the Russian-speaking mafia’ on charges of attempted murder, extortion, money laundering, and other crimes committed throughout Europe.



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