Son of thief in law Antik to be extradited from Ukraine 

Son of thief in law Antik to be extradited from Ukraine
The 32-year-old son of thief in law Antik supervising Ukraine Photo: Website of National police of Ukraine

The 32-year-old son of the Ukraine’s criminal 'watcher' tried to disappear directly from a court session at which the issue of his deportation from the country was resolved. Moreover, lawyers of the ‘authority’ tried to protect their defendant with fists from law enforcement authorities, who were carrying out detention of the violator.

Son of famous thief in law Antimoza Kukhilava (Kantaria) known as Antik (Antimos) is turned out from Ukraine home – to Georgia. Portal with reference to the Odessa management of the department of internal security of National police of Ukraine reports about it. Thus, the department managed to establish that the 32-year-old native of Georgia was in the territory of Ukraine illegally.


“Passport of Ukraine and an international passport which were used by the son of the thief in law were received by him illegally. Therefore these documents were canceled by migratory service of Ukraine”, it is said in the message of the department of internal security of the National Police.

As a result, the son of the criminal was detained and brought by law enforcement authorities of the Odessa Administration of Department for Internal Security of National police of Ukraine and Administration of Internal Security of Ukraine in General Administration of State Migration service of Ukraine for the Odessa Region, where documents on his deportation from the country until the end of June, 2017 were prepared. A copy of the decision was handed to the defendant personally. However, the man did not execute the instruction in time then the migratory service appealed to court with the requirement on his exclusion.

The man was brought to a hearing but did not wait for the decision of the judge and tried to disappear together with his lawyers. Moreover, in the attempt of field investigators to detain the son of the ‘authority’, representatives of defense “attacked law enforcement officers with fists”, the portal reports.


Nevertheless, the violator was detained and protocol under Art. 203 and part 2 Art. 263 of Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine was initiated against him. He was detained with an administrative term for a period of three days with the subsequent delivery to the detention center for foreigners, in the territory of Chernigov.

By the way, father of the detainee Antimoz Kukhilava, as the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, was also turned out from Ukraine, however, he managed to get a permission to come back through a court.

It is remarkable that Chief of Head Department of National police of Ukraine in the Odessa Region Dmitry Golovin was the one who told media about the almost triumphal resetting of the thief in law. According to him, on December 30, 2016 Kukhilava descended from an airplane ladder at the airport, where famous Odessa businessmen met him.

It should be added that Antimoz Kukhilava – one of the oldest Ukrainian thieves in law according to some information, in the criminal world was considered a criminal 'watcher' for Ukraine. In 2009 he was deprived of the Ukrainian citizenship and turned out from the country. All this time he lived in the Turkish Istanbul. One more remarkable detail of the biography of Antique is that the scandalous Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko was a common-law wife of his native son Nurik in due time.



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