Son of thief in law Taro - graduate of London university, businessman, fan of fast driving  

Son of thief in law Taro - graduate of London university, businessman, fan of fast driving
Buba Oniani

The CrimeRussia has got to know what Tariel Oniani’s son does.

While ‘thief in law’ Tariel Oniani (aka Taro) was serving his 10 years’ sentence, his son graduated from London university and became a successful businessman.

25-year-old Buba Oniani (his full name is Ushba-Buba) was raised in Paris and Barcelona. During his childhood (from 1990s till 2000s), his father lived abroad.

After the family had to return to Russia in 2006 - due to the fact that Taro was running from Spain’s law enforcement that accused him of money laundering and creation of a criminal community - Buba pursued his studies at the prestigious private school British International School of Moscow. The school is aimed at children of foreign or Russian parents who want their children to receive training in English and according to the English national studying programme. 

Буба Ониани со своей сестрой Гванцой

Buba Oniani and his sister Gvantsa

That’s why it was not a big issue for him to pursue his studies in Great Britain subsequently. He obtained a higher education at London university’s Cass Business School. He started his working career as a finance professional with world’s largest conglomerates Citigroup. In 2017, he founded his own company - OOO TD Smolneft that deals with wholesale trade of solid, fluid and gas fuel. In the first year, the company showed good results with income worth of 8 million rubles ($125 thousand).

Judging by his Facebook page, he is a fan of Barcelona FC; one of his favorite movies is Brigada (Russian crime miniseries also known as Law of the Lawless).

Interestingly, Buba Oniani has common friends with Shishkan’s son - Ivan Shishkanov. It’s either about London’s Russian-speaking diaspora that bonded them, or common activities of their fathers.

Besides that, the young and prospered offspring of the ‘thief’ has other attributes of the ‘golden youth’ - passion for fast driving being one of them. In 2015, it caused a major road accident on Moscow’s Novy Arbat street.

On a March night, his high-end Mercedes S400 hit Volkswagen Touareg at a high speed. With that, Volkswagen was going in the same direction. The CUV hit other vehicles due to the blow and dropped out to the sidewalk. Oniani Jr.’s Mercedes was thrown to an opposite side of the road and hit against a fencing of an underground walkway. His 18-year-old passenger was taken to a hospital following the road accident. He was diagnosed with head injury and hip dislocation. 2 other friends of Buba - 19-year-old Georgy Ts. and 17-year-old David Kh. - got injuries, as well. Driver of Volkswagen requested medical assistance, too. He was diagnosed with nose fracture.

The CrimeRussia had earlier reported that his older sister Gvantsa Oniani had also studied in London. Now, she lives in Moscow and leads a life of luxury. She travels around the world a lot. She prefers Greek resorts and Monaco. Besides that, she often goes to her father’s motherland - Georgia.

At the present time, ‘thief in law’ Tariel Oniani is in a remand prison #3 of a directorate of Russia’s Federal Service for Corrections in Orenburg region. He is waiting for his deportation to Spain where he had been searched for since 2005. He had earlier been released from a colony Cherny delfin (Black dolphin) where he had served his 9 years and 7 months’ term for abduction and extortion.



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