Solntsevsky authority Gregory Karamalak put on international wanted list again

Solntsevsky authority Gregory Karamalak put on international wanted list again
Renato Usatii and Gregory Karamalak

The Moldavian authorities have renewed search of the famous criminal authority nicknamed Bolgar, who is hiding in Russia.

The Moldavian Prosecutor's Office combating Organized Crime and Special Affairs accuses Gregory Karamalak in a number of crimes including gangsterism, blackmailing, extortion and armed robbery. According to the edition, citing the Head of the Republic's Police General Inspectorate Alexander Pynzar, the court issued a warrant for the provisional arrest of the criminal authority for 30 days. Investigative materials on Bolgar have already been transferred to Russia, where he was found not guilty.

The law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Moldova accused him of creating a criminal gang that was operating in the 90s. He was declared on the international wanted list by local authorities in 1998. Two years ago the Karamalak's criminal case was illegally handed over to Russia by the Deputy of the Prosecutor General Andrei Pantea. Subsequently, he was charged for abuse of authority and arrested.

In the criminal world Karamalak is known as an influential criminal authority, close to Solntsevskaya OCG. He is living in Russia. In Moldova he represented the interests of the gang along with the current Mayor of Balti Renato Usatii. According to sources of the CrimeRussia, Usatii himself is a political project of the Solntsevskaya OCG, which trying to promote their man in the power authorities of Moldova. He recently, as Karamalak, was declared internationally wanted on suspicion of fraud and organizing the contract killing of the banker German Gorbuntsov.



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