Sliva serving with Shakro Molodoy?

Sliva serving with Shakro Molodoy?
Vyacheslav Shestakov, or Sliva (Plum)

Thief in law Vyacheslav Shestakov may appear in the case against Zakhar Kalashov.

The inference of operatives suggests that the fighters of the notorious thief in law Vyacheslav Shestakov (Sliva) were involved in some skirmishes, conducted by the head of the 'security service' of Kalashov, Batyr Bekmuradov (Beck). Both of them, as well as a number of other accomplices, are defendants in the extortion case.

As Rosbalt writes with reference to its sources, Batyr Bekmuradov, a former paratrooper and ex-helper of the head of Ozersky district of the Moscow region, in addition to direct protection of Kalashov, took an active part in other assignments of the crime boss. In particular, his gang monitored the target people, partook in skirmishes, was engaged in coverings and chasing up debts. Subsequently, during the search of members of his team, law enforcers revealed a whole catalogue with dossier files on various businessmen and ‘authorities', as well as members of their families, with the results of surveillance and other ‘operational' activities.

That said, according to the interlocutor of the agency, when the scope of work was particularly large, Sliva also provided his people to Beck. Possessing such a resource, Bekmuradov and Shestakov often took advantage of it already for their own personal interests. Referring to the decisions of Shakro Molodoy, they tried to take control of metropolitan and Moscow cemeteries, as well as commercial organizations.

Батыр Бекмурадов (Бек)

Batyr Bekmuradov (Beck)

Among the 'leftists' was also the 'right hand' of Kalashov - Andrei Kochuykov (Italianets). In particular, the operatives documented that shortly before the arrest, Italianets, with the mediation of Batyr, met with the head of one of the organizations for the protection of copyright. The latter asked to 'save' him from a long-term criminal 'roof' in any way, promising monthly deductions in addition to a one-time payment of several million dollars.

Sliva himself, who is in the operational search in another case, has not lived in Russia for a long time and is not available for Russian siloviki. Initially, the criminal moved to Spain, then - to Latvia. According to The CrimeRussia, currently Sliva lives in Germany.

Serving his last term in Russia for murder, the thief in law managed to significantly reduce and mitigate it. Despite the fact that the term of his imprisonment was supposed to end in 2004, already in 1996 he was first transferred to open prison, and then was completely released because of the alleged cancer found.

Later, he was prosecuted under Article 314 of the Criminal Code (Evasion of Serving Restriction of Liberty). In 2000, Shestakov was arrested in the Czech Republic and extradited to Moscow. However, soon he was again at large. The Luberetsky court terminated the criminal prosecution of Sliva, in connection with the amnesty in honor of the 55th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Андрей Кочуйков (Итальянец)

Andrei Kochuykov (Italianets)

In 2010, Shestakov settled in Jurmala, acquiring a mansion for more than half a million lats, which allowed him to obtain a residence permit at this country. Under the local law the right to obtain a residence permit had those who invest in the economy of the country, including through the acquisition of real estate worth at least 100 thousand lats in Riga, the Riga region and cities of republican importance, which also includes Jurmala, or 50 thousand, in any other region of Latvia.

In the indictment at the first hearing on the case of extorting 8 million rubles ($139.000) from owner of the Elements restaurant on October 10, 2017, it was said, "after the death of the so-called thief in law Aslan Usoyan, his place was taken by Kalashov. The gang had to pay tribute to the common fund. On the basis subordination in an organized criminal group, Kalashov distributed hard stuff between the participants of the gang."

At the same time, no one was charged with under the corresponding Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Organization of a Criminal Community (criminal organization) or Participation Therein). The Rosbalt’s source in law enforcement agencies said that the FSB is currently investigating their activity upon this article.

Recall, in December 2015, there was a shootout, in which two people were killed and five were wounded, in the restaurant Elements on Rochdelskaya. Street. A group of people led by Kochuykov demanded the debt of the landlady in favor of designer Fatima Misikova, who turned to Zakhary Kalashov for help. The interests of Zhanna Kim were defended by attorney Eduard Budantsev and the employees of his lawyers' office.

After the shootout, most of its participants were detained in the restaurant, including Andrey Kochuykov. Lawyer Budantsev, who shot two of the private security firm employees from the award-winning weapons, was also under investigation. First, he was accused under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder). Then the charge was re-qualified for Art. 108 of the Criminal Code (Murder Committed in Excess of the Requirements of Justifiable Defence). Zakhary Kalashov himself was detained in July 2016.

The second episode of extortion is directly related to Bekmuradov, who, according to the investigation, demanded 10 million rubles ($173.700) from entrepreneur Lev Garamov in June 2015 as compensation to his creditor.



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