Singer Aliza pressing charges against Igor Talkov

Singer Aliza pressing charges against Igor  Talkov
Igor Talkov

Na Samom Dele (In Reality) show on Channel One announced the “accusations” of Aziza against the singer.

Singer Aziza Mukhamedova reported that singer Igor Talkov, who was killed in 1991, shortly before his death wanted to acquaint her with some crime boss, says the announcement of Na Samom Dele show on Channel One.

"Igor says: "There is one crime lord. He wants to meet you,” Mukhamedova said in the announcement of the show, which is broadcast June 17. The singer said Talkov had had a ‘roof’ in criminal circles.

The host of the show, Dmitry Shepelev, said that they would tell in the show what Talkov did to the singer six months before his death.

“The singer Aziza is pressing charges against Igor Talkov,” says Shepelev in the announcement.

Igor Talkov was shot before a concert in St. Petersburg in 1991 due to a conflict with Aziza’s concert team. According to the investigation, the shot was made by the commercial director of the artist Valery Shlyafman.

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