Siloviki might need Taro for further cooperation after he “helped release UN staff”

Siloviki might need Taro for further cooperation after he “helped release UN staff”
Tariel Oniani (Taro)

The powerful thief in law is going to be released next week.

Tariel Oniani (Taro), the crime boss, may replace the key thief in law of the country, Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), Lenta reports with reference to a source.

According to the source, in 2003, Taro helped security forces in the release of UN personnel captured in the Kodori Gorge of Abkhazia, so at the moment, he is considered a worthy and suitable alternative to Shakro.

The fact that Russia granted him citizenship when Oniani was forced to leave Europe due to criminal prosecution in 2006 speaks volumes of how the authorities cooperate with him. If anything, after a long sentence, the cooperation has intensified.

On April 9, an almost ten-year term will be over. Now, he is at Black Dolphin, a special regime Orenburg prison.

In July 2018, the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation issued a decree declaring Oniani a person whose stay in Russia is considered undesirable, which means that he is subject to deportation immediately after the release.

Nevertheless, the Russian security forces may delay his extradition to Spain, where criminal prosecution is awaiting the mafia boss, and make a kind of deterrent for Oniani of this, just like the Georgian judgement by default for Zakhary Kalashov.         

Earlier, Rosbalt sources reported that Oniani would most likely be send Georgia. In that case, Taro would be free and could move to some relatively safe country, such as Turkey, which is quite supportive of vors. In that case, Taro would want to gather a big thieves’ summit to restore his clan and begin a full-fledged fight to be the No. 1 thief. This title, previously occupied by Shakro Molodoy, is now reserved for Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), who is yet to show that he is worthy, however. Last year, Kalashov was jailed for almost 10 years in one of Krasnodar jails, which, according to experts, could still allow him to control the situation. In that case, Oniani, who has long been claiming the title of “the boss of all bosses,” would certainly not stand aside.



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