Siloviki fear upsurge of crime in the wake of vor Egor Ufimsky’s death

Siloviki fear upsurge of crime in the wake of vor Egor Ufimsky’s death
The death of the thief in law could have been provoked by the ‘criminal redistribution’ Photo: The CrimeRussia

Redistribution of spheres of influence between criminal groups is expected in the wake of the death of Igor Molodtsov, who was the Republic’s underboss.

In Bashkiria, siloviki fear an upsurge of crime due to the death of 56-year-old vor Igor Molodtsov (Egor Ufimsky), who was the Republic’s underboss, Versiya reports. 

Molodtsov died in Moscow the day before. Sources called cancer the official reason for his death. 

According to sobkor02’s sources in law enforcement bodies, the death of Molodtsov may provoke a “criminal mayhem,” since the region is left without a ‘master.’ 

Siloviki considered Molodtsov an ‘adequate’ thief in law. During his rule, there were no criminal conflicts related to big business in the region. Now the situation may change for the worse, sources believe. 

A multiple offender in the USSR, Molodtsov was vetted by Shakro Molodoy in 1993. Later, he took part in numerous vetting and debunking ceremonies. In particular, he personally vetted such thieves as Tsezar, Tikhon, Tkach Nyagansky, and others. He had a hand in the debunking of Ildar Ufimsky and Akhat Ufimsky, as well as Tolik Tolyattinsky, Pashtet Minsky, and others. 

In Ufa, Molodtsov controlled the trade in petroleum products, and also resolved disputes between merchants. In 1997, he had to flee to Cyprus due to the suspicions of committing a murder. In Cyprus, the thief in law was arrested and extradited to Russia, however, the witnesses refused to give their testimony, and he managed to avoid punishment. After that, he was never charged again. Some versions say that he collected money from the passenger transport market, allegedly represented by Dmitry Kalachev and Oleg Kulyashov, who controlled illegal bus services in the city, to the common fund. After Acting Head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov, came to power, the transportation stopped, and Kalachev and Kulyashov became the defendants in a criminal case. 

The last time media mentioned Egor Ufimsky was in 2015: officers of the MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search raided the Moscow restaurant Botik Petra, where the thief in law was celebrating his birthday. The police limited themselves to a preventive discussion and left.



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