Shooting of crime lord Kataloza in Sochi deemed domestic assault

Shooting of crime lord Kataloza in Sochi deemed domestic assault
Photo: Anton Vaganov / Kommersant

Several months ago, there was a fight between David Karseladze and his fellow countryman, after which the latter disappeared. The attack on Karseladze may have been his payback.

The attack on Sochi crime lord David Karseladze (Kataloza) is associated with revenge for a domestic dispute, which took place between him and his fellow countryman a few months ago. According to Kommersant’s source, back then, a fight broke out between Karseladze and another representative of the Georgian diaspora, after which the latter disappeared. The shooting of Kataloza on August 25 could be revenge for that incident, the publication’s source believes.

The attack took place on Bukovaya Street in Sochi. The lawbreaker approached Karseladze and shot him several times. The wounded man returned fire with a pistol, but the attacker managed to escape. Karseladze was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He is out of danger, but his condition remains serious,  Efcate reports referring to an anonymous source. The other day, Karseladze was transferred to a regional hospital with the help of sanitary aviation.

After the attack on Karseladze, the ICR Directorate in the Krasnodar region initiated a criminal case into Murder (part 3 of Art. 30 and 1 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code). The attacker is being identified. The victim has not been questioned yet due to his severe condition.

The ICR does not confirm information about his relationship with the criminal world. His friends in Sochi deny his crime lord’s status. According to Karseladze’s acquaintances, in the city, he is known as a judoka. However, some media sources referring to the MIA of Georgia reported that Karseladze had been prosecuted for organizing an OCC comprising of athletes. In particular, in 2005, judoists Aleksi Davitashvili and Georgy Revazishvili were detained in Tbilisi. According to the Georgian MIA, they were members of a crime group, which extorted money from businessmen. Back then, it was reported that the group acted under the protection of thieves in law and headed by Karseladze.

In 2008, a special forces unit detained Kataloza and his accomplice Zviyad Chkhartishvili. Ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Georgy Baramidze then said that Karseladze “sown terror” not only in entrepreneurs but also organized-crime world representatives. According to Baramidze, Karseladze was involved in murders, kidnapping, and racketeering. After serving his punishment in Georgia, Karseladze moved to Russia, Georgian media reported.



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