Shishkan to become crime lord No. 1 after Shakro Molodoy’s conviction 

Shishkan to become crime lord No. 1 after Shakro Molodoy’s conviction
Oleg Shishkanov aka Shishkan

53-year-old crime lord was backed by, among other, Zakhary Kalashov. Crime lords Vasya Voskres and Meliya will help him raise money.

Crime lords discussed who will become No. 1 crime lord after Zakhary Kalashov aka Shakro Molodoy was convicted of extortion by the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow. The decision will be announced on March 27. Prosecutors asked for Zakhary Kalashov to go to prison for 10 years. It is unlikely he will be given less than that. That is why the criminal community chose a replacement.

Oleg Shishkanov aka Shishkan aka Oleg Ramensky will replace Zakhary Kalashov once the latter is officially sentenced, according to Rosbalt. Crime lords Vasily Khristoforov aka Vasya Voskres and Merab Gogiya aka Meliya will help to raise money. 

Vasily Khristoforov

Vasily Khristoforov

Vasya Voskres has been doing Zakhary Kalashov’s job in recent months. Meliya was Pichuga’s closes ally prior to his arrest. Influential Slav crime lord Yury Pichugin aka Pichuga was arrested in February 2017.

Merab Gogiya

Merab Gogiya

The publication notes that candidates for the position had been considered for several months. It is a custom that crime lords cannot call themselves the No. 1 crime lord no matter how influential. For one to become the No. 1 crime lord, other crime lords shall propose him to become the No. 1 crime lord. The candidate then accepts the offer. Yet, not many crime lords are eager to become the No. 1 crime lord. That is why it is important for a candidate to want the job, aside from being influential and supported by other Russian-based influential crime lords.

Finally, Oleg Shishkanov was approved, Rosbalt reports. Zakhary Kalashov also the decision. Kalashov had been at odds with Shishkanov at the time of the former’s arrest in July 2016.


Shishkanov became a crime lord in 1992. He was 'crowned' by Makharbek Kargaev aka Ruslan and Valery Dlugach aka Globus at the Izmaylovskaya Moscow hotel. Vyacheslav Ivanko aka Yaponchik approved the idea of Shishkanov becoming the No. 1 crime lord. Shishkanov has served 10 years for rape and aggravated murder. Shishkanov pleaded guilty instead of actual perpetrators who would have been executed, since they were repeated offenders. Shishkanov became an influential criminal figure in the ITK-11 Prison where he served his sentence. Shishkanov was the leader of the Ramenskaya OCG during the 1990s. He also supervised the Lyuberetskaya OCG for a long time, until a bloody conflict due to the Lyuberetskaya gang refusing to pay dues. Many leaders of both gangs were killed. Shishkanov survived an assassination. He only survived because the hitman who was tasked with planting explosives on his Mercedes screwed up and blew himself up. In 2015, the MIA Main Criminal Investigation Department and SOBR special unit tried arresting him due to disappearance Ramensk Deputy Tatiana Sidorova’s family. However, it later became known the ICR did not have questions for Shishkanov regarding this case. Even back in 2016, Shishkanov was one of the most likely people to become the No. 1 crime lord, alongside crime lords Tyurik, Pichuga, Petrik, Vasya Voskres, and Gela.

There is a 90% chance Shishkanov will become the No. 1 crime lord, according to Rosbalt’s sources in the criminal community. This means the influence of crime lord Eduard Asatryan aka Edik Osetrin could go up. Asatryan’s has been on decline. Shishkanov will accept the offer if it is made.



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