Shishkan’s henchman, businessman Eduard Khorkov, brakes law enforcement officer’s leg while rescuing his boss

Shishkan’s henchman, businessman Eduard Khorkov, brakes law enforcement officer’s leg while rescuing his boss
Eduard Khorkov

Khorkov is detained and charged.

One of the accomplices of mafia boss Oleg Shishkanov, better known as Shishkan and Oleg Ramensky, tried so hard to save his boss from the security officers who arrived at the detention center, that broke the leg of one of them. A criminal case was initiated against him under the article “use of violence against a representative of the authorities” (Article 318 CCRF). The court took the perpetrator into custody.

It is to be recalled that earlier CrimeRussia reported that dozens of Shishkan’s assistants rushed to rescue the kingpin, however, as soon as they saw the MIA and FSB officers near the mansion, they chose to drive past the house. Only a few of them decided to engage. 

“When members of the organized crime community, led by Oleg Ramensky, learned that law enforcement agencies launched an operation to detain their leader, several expensive SUVs with his fighters moved to Shishkan’s house. But the the FSB labels on the ammunition of special forces cooled the ardor of those who arrived – only one of them tried to break into the minibus where the detainee was and hit one of the operatives of the MIA’s Main Investigative Directorate, as a result of which borke his leg,” Lenta writes.

The detainee will spend the next few days in the hospital – he violently resisted the detention. Lenta managed to find out his name. It turned out to be entrepreneur Eduard Khorkov, 41, known for his piety. 

On July 17, it transpired that a classified witness told about Shishkanov’s involvement in the embezzlement of special-purpose lands in the Chekhov District, the Moscow Region. A certain person under the fictitious surname Apraksin told the investigation that officials of Chekhov’s administration worked closely with members of the criminal environment. 

It is to be recalled that one of the most influential crime lords was detained recently in the framework of the criminal case of receiving the highest position in the criminal hierarchy. For many years it has been said that it was Shishkan who was involved in the disappearance of the deputy Tatyana Sidorova and her entire family, but officially this accusation was not sounded.



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