Sheykh Khamzat to prevent struggle between Chechens and Azerbaijanis in Zelenograd 

Sheykh Khamzat to prevent struggle between Chechens and Azerbaijanis in Zelenograd
Valter and Sheykh Khamzat

A close associate of the late Rovshan Lenkoransky decided to intervene in the conflict of Zelenograd diasporas after their young representatives had a fatal fight in one of the cafés in the Moscow suburbs.⁠

Khamzat Gastamirov, known in the criminal circles as Sheykh Khamzat, had a real chance to demonstrate the extent of its influence. One of the close associates of late Azerbaijani thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky volunteered to settle the violent conflict between Chechen and Azerbaijani diasporas in Zelenograd, Moscow region. In fact, Sheykh Khamzat is to prevent blood feud, despite the fact that he is currently in Germany, Sputnik Azerbaijan reports.

The violent conflict between the diasporas broke out after an incident in the Zelenograd café Dialog on August 6. A 32-year-old representative of the Chechen people Ibragim Bechurkaev was killed in the armed fight of Azerbaijani and Chechens; his younger brother Adam Bechurkaev and an Ingush Aslan Bokov were wounded.


Ibragim Bechurkaev

The fight started at 5 a.m., when the café was closed, but several visitors were still inside. While the men were enjoying the prolonged feast, several more people arrived. CCTV cameras picked up how men who pulled up to Dialog, allegedly members of the Chechen diaspora, made an attempt to enter the café, the doors of which were already closed. Not expecting such an unwelcoming reception, one of the young men took out a gun and made about five shots in the air. According to the testimony of the institution staff, the men outside urged the people in the cafe to go out. Surveillance cameras inside Dialog caught several men, presumably Azerbaijanis, looking out the windows and holding knives. At the end of the video, a few men break the window and leave the building.

Video: Fight between Chechens and Azerbaijanis in Zelenograd: one dead, two wounded

An eyewitness on the part of Azerbaijani diaspora told Sputnik the details of the incident not picked up by the CCTV. According to him, Shamkhal Guseynov, who smashed a glass on the head of an Ingush during a quarrel, was the first to get into a fight. Allegedly, it was the injured Ingush who called the Chechens for backup. The natives of Chechnya, who arrived on the scene, decided to demonstrate their superiority with firearms. Ibragim Bechurkaev inserted the barrel of the weapon in the mouth of Shamkhal Guseynov and threatened to shoot. A relative (presumably, a brother), 23-year-old Rashad Guseynov stood up for the latter. He inflicted two knife wounds to Bekurkaev's side, which were deadly to him. Aslan Bokov and the younger brother of Bechurkaev Adam also suffered injuries.

Nothing is known about the motives of what happened between the diasporas. The National Guard of Russia has reported on domestic causes of the conflict. Meanwhile, employees of the café note that the fight participants were well acquainted with each other; moreover, the diaspora representatives were not just in a state of intoxication, but under the influence of narcotic substances during the conflict.


Rashad Guseynov

The scene of the event is also worth paying attention. According to Sputnik, Dialog belongs to a native of the Beylagan region of Azerbaijan, ex-policeman Dzhaangir (the surname of the owner is not specified). According to sources, he is a relative of the thief in law Khadzhibaba Talibkhanly aka Khadzhi Beylagansky. Crowned in 2015 by Rovshan Lenkoransky himself, Khadzhi Beylagansky currently resides in Turkey.

After the incident, law enforcement officers managed to detain four citizens aged from 27 to 32, their nationality and names are not specified. Four knives, an electric stunning device, and an “object resembling a gun” were found and seized from the detainees’ car. It is known that the persons detained included Shamkhal Guseynov; at the same time, it was reported that his relative Rashad Guseynov, who had stabbed Bechurkaev, managed to escape. At the moment, the Azerbaijani is wanted not only by the police, but also by representatives of the Chechen and Ingush diasporas. The diasporas intend to personally deal with the murderer of Ibragim Bechurkaev, the father of three children.


Adam Bechurkaev

Coming back to Khamzat Gastamirov, it should be noted that he should be familiar with a representative of the Caucasian peoples’ diaspora in the Moscow region. Sheykh Khamzat was once the enforcer over the markets of Zelenograd, appointed to this post by thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky. Also recall that after the murder of the most influential thief, his associate in question made attempts to get the thieves’ crown, including with the support of notorious Valter. However, despite the common business with thieves, all of his efforts have been futile so far. Whether Khamzat Gastamirov will be able to prove his authority and prevent a bloody war between the diasporas?



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