Sheykh Khamzat lays flowers on Rovshan Lenkoransky's grave  

Sheykh Khamzat lays flowers on Rovshan Lenkoransky's grave
Sheykh Khamzat on Rovshan Lenkoransky's grave Photo:

Only few representatives of the criminal world – those that do not have problems with law – have taken part in the commemorative events.

Few underworld representatives have attended the first anniversary of the death of thief in law Rovshan Dzheniev, aslo known as Rovshan Lenkoransky.

The other day, Vesti.Az even reported that no thief in law had come to the thief's hometown Lenkoran, where he had been buried. The online news portal Sputnik-Azerbaijan notes that crime lords have not come to lay wreaths to Rovshan Lenkoransky's grave for security purposes. Onle the very few who does not have problems with the law have attended the commemorative events. The included Dzhaniev's former supporter Khamzat Gastamirov aka Sheykh Khamzat.

Sheykh Khamzat laid flowers on Lenkoransky's grave, expressed his condolences to the latter's relatives, and went to Baku the same evening. According to some sources, Gastamirov, who had been living in Germany for the last few years, has been in Azerbaijan for about a week. It is not clear which business Sheykh Khamzat has in his homeland. To recall, after the murder of the most influential thief, his supporter made several attempts to get the 'thief's crown', including by enlisting the support of the notorious Valter. However, despite his friendship with some thieves, all his efforts has been in vain so far.

According to law enforcement officers maintaining order on the anniversary, the memorial events in Lenkoran proceeded smoothly.

"The guests quietly honored the memory of the deceased, laying wreaths at his grave, and were gone," the police noted.


As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, one of the most influential thieves in law of the last decade Rovshan Lenkoransky was shot in his SUV along with the driver in the suburbs of Istanbul on the night of August 18, 2016. Officially, his murder has not yet been solved, however, in January 2017, thief in law Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky) announced to other thieves that Rovshan Lenkaransky had been killed by his order to avenge the murder of gangland businessman Dzhambulat Shamil-oglu in Moscow in the spring of 2016.



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