"Sheikh Khamzat, you are shaitan! Guli will find you. I will find you!" 

"Sheikh Khamzat, you are shaitan! Guli will find you. I will find you!"
Timur Dikiy (Tamaev)

Allies that swore allegiance to him turn their back on.

Timur Dikiy (Tamaev) accuses Khamzat Gastamirov (Sheikh Khamzat) that is aspiring to the thief in law status of intriguery and promises to find him.

On the video that appeared recently on the Internet, he insults his brother Gastamirov and briefly explains the essence of the claims. In particular, Chechen kingpin Hussein Akhmadov (Hussein Slepoy) opened the Timur's eyes to Khamzat Gastamirov, the successor of Rovshan Lenkoransky.

Also, according to Dikiy, Gastamirov used the murder of thief in law David Alkhanashvili (Dato Pankissky) to break out a conflict with Nadir Salifov (Guli).

"They wanted to use me in your games," Tamaev points out. "And I treated you like my brother."

Let us recall that the thieves in law - Aziz Batukaev, Hussein Akhmadov (Hussein Slepoy), Islam Edilgireev (Islam Bolshoy - assembled in May in Chechnya and negatively evaluated the figure of Sheikh Khamzat. According to them, he "sows discord and confusion," while no one knows him. And crime lords decided to ignore him.

According to one of the representatives of the thieves' world, this businessman is more like a showman, rather than a member of a criminal environment.

Timur Dikiy confirmes this; he stated that Gastamirov staged an attempt for black PR. He had previously reported on two attempts - in 2016 in the Netherlands and 2017 in Chechnya.

In conclusion, Tamaev says that Gastamirov would take responsibility for all these sins. He or Guli will find him. Dikiy reveals the whereabouts of Sheikh - he is hiding in a hotel in Berlin (probably, 4-star hotel ABION Villa, The CrimeRussia Ed.).

"Now, Sheikh Khamzat does not leave his shelter, but one day he will come out, and we will meet him."

"I will arrange for you to meet the Almighty," he threatens.

Former criminal Timur Tamaev joined Gastamirov after he returned from Donbass, where he defended the ‘Russian world.' A lot of videos, where he swears to the ally of Rovshan Lenkoransky fidelity, devotes him songs, demonstrates his readiness to carry out any of his assignments, hit the Internet.

At the moment, Dikiy has to move from Russia to Kazakhstan.



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