Shalva Khonsky follows Vova Pitersky's fate 

Shalva Khonsky follows Vova Pitersky's fate
Shalva Khonsky

The thief in law is sentenced to 10 years in the strict regime penal colony.

51-year-old Georgian thief in law Shalva Chkhenkeli, nicknamed Shalva Khonsky, is placed in a colony of strict regime for 10 years. As MK reports, this decision was made by a judge of the Lublinsky court of the capital.

The CrimeRussia has repeatedly wrote about this criminal case, in which among the defendants two active kingpins. Igor Glaznev, better known as Vova Pitersky, is one of the most powerful Slavic legalists. In addition Chkhenkeli was involved in this story.

According to investigators, in 2006, Vova Pitersky with Chkhenkeli and a number of assistants allegedly tortured a Moscow businessmen - father and son Kruzhalenkos, requiring to transfer their rights to plumbing shop. As a result of torture, Kruzhalenko Sr. died in hospital from beatings and painful shock. cb7141a769a83590c98f07a267bb6e57.jpg According to investigation, in fact, there were 14 defendants, including two women, however, there are only two in the dock - Glaznev and Vladimir Sapitonov. Earlier, in 2007, accomplices of Glaznev, Bobrov and Maslov, had already been convicted, they were found guilty and sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment. Another participant, thief in law Shalva Khonsky, is wanted. His case was separated.

This case popped in 2011, when on the road from Domodedovo Glaznev was stopped by traffic officers, and then suddenly appeared from nowhere MIA CID officers found in the pockets of his trousers a bag with drugs. The thief in law was promptly charged under Art. 228 of the Criminal Code, was found guilty and sentenced to 3 years and 2 months of imprisonment of the strict regime penal colony. Moreover, he was accused in the murder of businessman Kruzhalenko. April 20, 2012, Glaznev was found guilty of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death of the victim, and sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment in the colony of special regime. Lawyers of thief in law did not agree with such a severe punishment, and protested it. Subsequently, the punishment was mitigated for three years.

As for Shalva Chkhenkeli, he managed to escape from the investigation. He was detained in the end of July 2015 in the Krasnogorsk district, and jailed for recently.



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