Shaliko Tbilissky haunted by the past

Shaliko Tbilissky haunted by the past
Shaliko Tbilissky

Fingerprints of the former thief in law have unexpectedly been discovered in the case file of an apartment theft committed 6 years ago.

The former thief in law, Shalva Avdoyan aka Shaliko Tbilissky, who had been pending deportation, was brought to trial quite unexpectedly.

Shaliko Tbilissky, 51, was taken to Moscow from the Vladimir center for temporary detention of foreign citizens, where he had been pending extradition since April 2017. When Avdoyan was ready to leave Russia, the law enforcement suddenly found something to bring against him. Traces of the ex-thief were found in the case file about a burglary committed in 2011 in Moscow East Izmailovo district. As it turned out, Shaliko Tbilissky's involvement in the crime was established on the basis of fingerprints found. According to the investigation, Avdoyan stole a Toshiba laptop and a Sony Ericsson cell phone from the apartment for a total of 21 thousand rubles ($350). The investigation does not say as to why the thief had not been found until after six years.

As a reminder, in April, Shaliko Tbilissky was released from a Vladimir jail, where he had served a sentence for illegal possession of drugs. Upon leaving the colony, Avdoyan (who had lost his thief in law status back in 1999) was told that he was now a persona non grata in Russia. Moreover, the ex-thief was stripped of Russian citizenship. Shaliko Tbilissky was placed in a Vladimir center for temporary detention of foreign citizens pending the deportation.



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