Shakro Molody gives back ‘thief in law’ title to Akhmed Sutuly 

Shakro Molody gives back ‘thief in law’ title to Akhmed Sutuly
Akhmed Evloev (aka Akhmed Sutuly)

The number one ‘thief’ has been sent to serve his sentence.

‘Thief in law’ Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy) has been sent to serve his sentence to a colony in southern Russia. In March, last year, Moscow’s Nikulinsky court sentenced the number one ‘thief’ to 9 years and 10 months of imprisonment for extortion. Since then, he had been waiting for the prison transfer in a Moscow-based remand prison #3 better known as Presnya

If this is true that he’s going to serve his sentence in a colony in South or North Caucasian Federal District, he’s going to be the only ‘thief in law’ there. 

Шакро Молодои

Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy)

Despite the fact that - while being in the remand prison - he was fenced off from the rest of the world, it became known on the outside that he had decided upon giving back his ‘thief in law’ title to a 45-year-old Ingush ‘thief in law’ Akhmed Evloev (aka Akhmed Sutuly, Dulat Yolu).

In a remand prison in the town of Kashira - where he was placed in early August, last year, after he was detained for drugs - Evloev’s ‘authority’ was not recognized by anyone. In particular, Rasul Abazinets refused to let his ‘pass’ in. ’Thief in law’ Evgeny Veselkin (aka Vesely) tried to influence on the situation, however his initiative was unrewarded by success. Rasul Abazinets was backed by ‘thieves in law’ Egor Ufimsky, Giya Sverdlovsky, Gevorik Neftekamsky and Tengo Pitersky who confirmed all his actions had been coordinated with them. Evloev was told that they had more serious complaints about him. In particuler, his behaviour in a Kazakhstani ‘red’ zone and his conflict with representatives of Khasan’s clan, a ‘thief in law’ Gevor Grigoryan (aka Gevorik Neftekamsky) in 2013, when Gevorik Neftekamsky’s head was hit with a bottle and his friend was stabbed following a scuffle with Akhmed Evloev and his assistants. Evloev’s position got worse due to the fact that he had been deprived of his ‘thief’s crown’ by then.

Nevertheless, in October, 2018, after Evloev was transferred to the same place where Kalashev was serving his sentence, his issue was resolved in a positive way for him. According to some reports, leaders of Sukhumi thieves’ clan: when Merab Jangveladze and Merab Bakhia interceded for Evloev before Shakro, he asked them: “What is there ‘thievish’ about him?” In order not to antagonize the ‘thieves’ who renounced Evloev, Shakro hammered out a compromise: Akhmed Sutuly’s fate is to be determined after his release; while he’s serving his sentence, he ought to be considered a ‘thief’. 



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