Shakro Molodoy tangled up in love affairs 

Shakro Molodoy tangled up in love affairs
Zakhar Kalashov

New details about Zakhar Kalashov’s personal life emerge during the investigation into the extortion of 8 million rubles from Joanna Kim, the owner of the Elements restaurant. The shootout on the Rodchelskaya Street in Moscow happened because of a woman.⁠

Right after the kingpin’s arrest in July 2016, the CrimeRussia wrote that it had been Kalashov’s lady, who had asked him to get involved in the story with the Elements restaurant. At that time, a source of Rosbalt reported that a designer Fatima Misikova, who had made a project for Joanna Kim’s restaurant, asked Shakro Molodoy to stand up for her and help get the money that allegedly had not been paid to her for the work. In total, she received about 600 thousand euros. That was a motive for Shakro’s people to arrive at the restaurant on December 14, 2015, and demand either 8 million rubles or full control over the food spot.

Фатима Мисикова

Photo: Fatima Misikova

However, now a source of Life reports that Kalashov indulged another woman - a certain Elena S. She was a friend of Misikova’s, who had close relationship with Skahro Molodoy. The designer persuaded her friend to solve this debt issue through her boyfriend. Misikova informed that Joanna Kim had no protection and the restaurant would be an easy prey. Misikova also suggested that Elena S herself should take over the restaurant. This idea was to Elena’s liking, and for about a month she was persuading Zakhar Kalashov to send his people to the restaurant.

Жанна Ким

Photo: Joanna Kim

Italian and a few members of Shakro’s private security agency were sent to solve the issue. The criminals did not know that Joanna Kim would be protected by a lawyer Eduard Budantsev (the former KGB officer and ex-commander of Moscow special police unit). The matter seemed trivial to them, and so they did not even take firearms at the negotiations. That is why Andrey Kochuykov and his men could not fight back Budantsev, when a verbal altercation turned into a fight, and then in the shootout. Budantsev killed two people and wounded several more.

It has transpired that during Zakhar Kalashov’s arrest, the investigators put Fatima Misikova and her friend Elena S. on an international and federal wanted list. However, Misikova herself and her lawyer stated thet she had nothing to do with the shootout on Rochdelskaya.

Police officers obtained a search warrant and arrived at Elena’s apartment in a luxury residential complex, located on the west of Moscow, in the Ramenki Ditrsict. The owner of the 300 square meters mansion was not at home.

Дом в Раменках

Photo: house in Ramenki. Photo by: Life

Fatima Misikova, who is now presumably hiding abroad, owns several companies in Russia. Among them are Atelye 8 Limited Liability Company in Moscow, which was registered in March 2016, as well as the Nart-Uyut hotel and the Avrora LLC in St. Petersburg.



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