Shakro Molodoy’s property belongs to member of Brother’s Circle 

Shakro Molodoy’s property belongs to member of Brother’s Circle
Thief in law Shakro Molodoy during his detention in a family house on the Rublyovskoye Highway

Investigators could not seize the property of kingpin Zakhar Kalashov: he has nothing. All the property is registered in the other people’s names.

The huge mansion on the Rublyovskoye Highway, in which on July 11, 2016 the kingpin Shakro Molodoy was detained, cannot be seized, as well as all of his extensive car fleet. All the property, which is valued at more than 700 million rubles, does not belong to Zakhar Kalashov, Life reports referring to its sources.

The mansion in a village of Nikolina Gora in the Odintsovo District of the Moscow Region is located at 6 sites. Three of them belong to the infamous Marina Goldberg. She is believed to be Kalashov’s wife. Moreover, the US intelligence agencies included her in the list of the mafia clan The Brothers' Circle, where the name of Shakro also is mentioned. The US Department of the Treasury said that it is a transnational group, consisting of the leaders of several criminal networks of the CIS countries.

Братский круг

It is interesting that the other three sites and the mansion itself are registered in the name of a certain Julia Bratchenko. A two-bedroom apartment on Starovolynskaya Street in Moscow worth about 50 million rubles is in her name as well. She also owns Shakro’s expensive cars: Mercedes E200, Mercedes ML350 and Lexus.

According to Life, Bratchenko and Goldberg are friends. Both come from the same city – Apsheronsk, the Krasnodar Region. According to operational information, Goldberg is even a distant relative of Bratchenko.

The formal owner of Kalashov’s property had a small frozen food business in her hometown, while the kingpin was tried in Spain. As the source reported to the CrimeRussia, after the release from the Spanish jails and return to Moscow, Shakro’s companions nicknamed Vasya voskres and Pichuga settled in the mansion on the Rublyovskoye Highway.

After Kalashov’s detention, Yulia Bratchenko returned to Moscow. According to the source of Life, she lives in the same mansion and looks after it. Marina Goldberg’s location is unknown. Allegedly, she has already left Russia and lives somewhere abroad.

It is to be noted that earlier, according to the law "On the unjustified property", Kalashov’s house in the prestigious suburb of Tbilisi Tskneti (worth about $ 30 million) was confiscated. Now, there is one of the local offices of the Ministry of Interior.

If the Russian investigators will not be able to prove that the property was bought on behalf of Shakro Molodoy and with the dirty money, it will not be possible to seize it and then turn it to the state revenue.

In addition, the investigators are actively interested in his associates: Konstantin Manukyan and Otar nicknamed Otto. The source told the CrimeRussia that if the investigators will now be able to discover the assets registered in Manukyan’s and Otto’s names, this property will be confiscated in accordance with part of 4 Art. 210 of the Criminal Code. It is to be recalled that in addition to charges of extortion, Kalashov was accused of the organization of criminal community.

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