Shakro Molodoy’s personal police officers  

Shakro Molodoy’s personal police officers

The shootout at the Elements restaurant on the Rochdelskaya Street, which happened last December, was covered up by crooked police officers, the investigation stated.

Investigators are actively developing a lead that a kingpin Zakhar Kalashov (nicknamed Shakro Molodoy) bribed law enforcement officials. According to a source of Rosbalt, head of the private security agency, which worked closely with the structures of Shakro’s criminal empire, Dmitry Vorontsov, provides important evidence in the case. He was arrested along with Kalashov, but was left at large.

Vorontsov’s security agency was, in fact, a small private army that belonged to Shakro Molodoy and his subordinates, in particular, a well-known kingpin Andrey Kochuykov (nicknamed Italian). Vorontsov’s fighters covered up for Italian on December 14, 2015, during a shootout at the Elements restaurant at the Rochdelskaya Street. Moreover, the director of the agency used his connections with the state security forces to carry out orders of the criminal leader.

However, during the negotiations in the restaurant the criminals were covered not only by the employees of the private security agency, but also by members of the Presnensky Department of Internal Affairs. Specifically, they were a criminal investigator Ildar Shakirov and a district police officer Rinat Zinatullin. Both were arrested and Zinatullin made a deal with the investigation. According to his testimony, some time before the Italian arrived in the restaurant, a representative of the Presnensky Department gave a verbal order to transfer all calls from the restaurant to him. Later, they indeed received a call from Joanna Kim, who reported about extortion, but the law enforcement officer arrived at the scene only to support Kochuykov.


Shakro Molodoy is also suspected of bribing police officers to release Italian from prison on June 14, 2016. At that time, the investigators for some reason did not submit a request to the court for extending Kochuykov’s detention.

As a reminder, Kalashov has now been charged with extortion from the owner of the Elements restaurant Joanna Kim. The kingpin Zakhar Kalashov has been placed in a special cell of the Lefortovo prison, which prevents him from having any contacts with the outside world. He stands accused of extortion and bribing police officers.

Recent reports imply that Kalashov’s defense has already filed an appeal against the arrest on charges of extortion.



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