Shakro Molodoy's missionary sets stage for Gia Sverdlovsky

Shakro Molodoy's missionary sets stage for Gia Sverdlovsky
Avto and Co

The return of the Ded Hasan's next of kin will happen in autumn 2017.

The thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze, known in the criminal world as the Avto, sets the stage for a return to the Urals his colleague Georgy Akoev. The return of 43-year-old Akoev, bearing criminal nickname Gia Sverdlovsky, will presumably happen in the autumn of 2017. For over 10 years he has been in prison.

«Гия Свердловский»

Gia Sverdlovsky

According the source, now arrested Shakro Molodoy is behind actions of Avto. After his release in January 2016, Avto lived outside Sverdlovsk region for several months. After that, it was reported that he had visited the main office of Shakro Molodoy in Moscow, and now being his emissary, intends to prepare the ground for the return of Gia Sverdlovsky to the Urals. reports that Akoev's return will be difficult, because representatives of the Ded Hasan's clan have long-standing conflict with the Ural criminals - Trophy and Karo (both debunked).


According to the CrimeRussia, 43-year-old Georgian thief in law Georgy Akoev was crowned in 2008 with the Osetrina, Zura Kutaisi,Vova Zyuzya and others in the meeting, which was held in Moscow restaurant Zolotoy Slon. His Godfathers are considered to be deceased Kostya Gizya, Vagon, Sliva, Hamlet, Vasya the Risen, Ded Hasan and Yaponchik. He is the nephew of the deceased Timur Sverdlovsky, which has long been observing in Sverdlovsk region and the grandson of Ded Hasan.



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