Shakro Molodoy’s juicy investor

Shakro Molodoy’s juicy investor
Zakhar Kalashov, David Yakobashvili

One of the founders of the largest plant for the production of juices in Russia, according to the source of the Crime Russia, sponsored Kalashov’s guard.

The well-known businessman and the former co-owner of Wimm-Bill-Dann David Yakobashvili was engaged in sponsorship of the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy (Young). A source familiar with the situation reported about it to Crime Russia. In particular, Yakobashvili was financially responsible for the power unit of the number one thief: his protection and a quick reaction. In addition, the well-known businessman in general supported Shakro financially.

Previously, Crime Russia has already reported that a significant part of Shakro Molodoy’s income was received from his partners - Otar nicknamed Otto and Konstantin Manukyan. The latter controls the hotel complex (formerly Casino) Golden Palace, in which, according to sources, Shakro set up its his main office. Now, these allies of Kalashov are under active investigation within the case of the forming the OCG.

As for David Yakobashvili, he began his career as a businessman in the 80-ies. In the early 90s, he owned a beauty salon in Moscow, was importing cars from abroad. He was the co-founder of the largest casinos Metelitsa and Chery. His main business was the company Wimm-Bill-Dann, Russia's largest juice, and later - dairy products producer. The company was founded in 1992 by Sergey Plastinin and Mikhail Dubinin, whom Yakobashvili joined. The last owner of the company became Gavreel Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala). In 1989, he was released from prison after a nine-year sentence for robbery. Later, Yakobashvili married the Yushvaev’s niece. Gavreel Yushvaev with David Yakobashvili were involved in various business activities, including agriculture, in the Moscow and Kuban Regions and in Volgograd, as well as real estate.

Yakobashvili is associated with the name of the Zvenigorod mayor Leonid Stavisky. It was Stavitskiy, as the CrimeRussia already reported, who redrew the general plan of the city development, he changed the forests around the city to the status of urban settlement Zvenigorod forest, and then stripped the city of its historical status and then began to sell luxury hectares. The customers were the business leaders and government officials, leaders of criminal gangs, mostly those from the North Caucasus. The most delicious areas were bought with Yakobashvili’s money.

The fact that Kalashov is used to live in great style, becomes clear immediately when you look at pictures of operational shooting from the mansion on the Rublevka, where the Russian FSB officers detained the kingpin. The interior of his house, though looks a bit tasteless, obviously is very expensive.

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