Shakro Molodoy's final stretch

Shakro Molodoy's final stretch
Shakro Molodoy in court

Earlier, the Nikulinsky court of Moscow completed the judicial investigation.

On February 16, the prosecution will hang out for term for Zakhar Kalashov, known as Shakro Molodoy, and 13 accomplices in a high-profile case of extortion, which caused the shooting at Elements restaurant. Lawyer of one of the defendants Alexander Chernov told this Business FM.

According to him, the court rejected the defense's motion on the return of the case to the prosecutor, the judicial investigation is over, the parties' discussion are scheduled for February 16 at 12:30am.

In all, 14 people are on the dock, including Andrey Kochuykov (Italyanets), who personally attended the restaurant at Rochdelskaya and led the fighters who started a shooting with lawyers of institution owner Zhanna Kim. All the defendants are accused of Extortion committed with the use of violence by an organized group and in order to obtain property on an especially large scale (part 3 of Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). None of the defendants pleads guilty.

According to the investigation, the accused were members of an organized group, which, among other things, was engaged in extortion from the capital's entrepreneurs. In particular, there were two episodes - 8 million tubles ($137.900) from Zhanna Kim and 10 million rubles from businessman Lev Garamov.

Earlier, the thief in law refused to give evidence in court, referring to Art. 51 of the Constitution, which allows him not to testify against himself.

Victim Kim, who is now in Alma-Ata, did not do this either. Nevertheless, she stood with a speech via video conference and agreed with her testimony, which was made in February 2017.

Recall that the conflict on the street Rochdelskaya occurred between Kalashov's close associates and the support group of Kim, including former security official Eduard Budantsev. Kochuykov tried to defend the interests of designer Fatima Misikova, who claimed that the owner of the Elements restaurant had not paid her 8 million rubles for decoration of premises. The latter, in turn, insisted that the work was carried out with violations and refused to pay. As a result of the conflict, Italyanets' two people were shot dead. Arrived police did not take any action to resolve the conflict and detain its participants; they were later dismissed and convicted.



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