Shakro Molodoy's fate to be sorted out on November 21

Shakro Molodoy's fate to be sorted out on November 21
Shakro Molodoy behind bars

It is expected that on this day the Moscow City Court will make a decision on the appeals of the thief in law and 11 of his accomplices.

On November 21, the Moscow City Court will decide on the appeal of thief in law Zakhary Kalashov, nicknamed Shakro Molodoy and his 11 alleged accomplices convicted of extortion from the owner of Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim. This was announced by lawyer Alexander Chernov, who protects one of the defendants.

“Today, most of the lawyers spoke in the debate of the parties, it remains for the state prosecutors to speak, and the defendants stand the last word. After this, the appeals board will retire to adjudicating complaints,” the lawyer said.

According to the lawyer, the defense asked to completely cancel the sentence of the Nikulinsky court and acquit the defendants.“ The defenders insisted on the return of the case for a new consideration, someone asked to cancel the sentence and send the case to the prosecutor for the elimination the shortcomings,” said the lawyer.

Earlier, Shakro Molodoy’s lawyer, Alexander Gofshtein, drew the court’s attention to irregularities in the proceedings. In particular, he argued that the copy of the indictment handed over to those involved in the investigation was different from that which was proceeded at the court.

On March 29, the Nikulinsky Court of Moscow sentenced Kalashov to nine years and ten months in a high-security penal colony for extortion. Another 11 defendants received from seven years and four months to nine years and four months in prison. The right hand of Shakro Molodoy, Andrey Kochuykov, nicknamed Italyanets, got eight years and ten months in jail.

14 people appeared before the court. They were charged with two episodes of Extortion (part 3 of Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) in 2015–2016: 8 million rubles ($121.200) from Elements restaurant owner on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow Zhanna Kim and 10 million rubles from businessman Lev Garamov. The central episode concerns the conflict between Zhanna Kim and representatives of the thief in law, who represented the interests of designer Fatima Misikova. She believed that Kim underpaid her for repairing the restaurant.

The conversation, which occurred on December 14, 2015, turned into a firefight at the institution. Two people died, several were injured.

Two defendants were judged posthumously. The case of Filipp Domaskin, who was killed in a shootout, was returned to the prosecutor to clarify his role in the events near the Elements restaurant. The case against another murdered guard Alexey Kitaev was terminated due to his death. Consideration of appeals of the defense lasts from September 26 and has already taken four court sessions.



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