Shakro Molodoy’s envoy visited Urals for money and power

Shakro Molodoy’s envoy visited Urals for money and power

Who had invited the thief in law Avto to Yekaterinburg and who would not gain from his visit. Versions and details.

The thief in law Avto has been searching for his part of the criminal cash in Yekaterinburg. Taking advantage of his thief in law’s rights and Shakro Molodoy’s mandate, the criminal world general has been negotiating, asking questions, and irritating everyone. The meeting of the thief-in-law, his newly-discovered power, whom he might fear, and why has the January fighting prompted the security forces to use a strategic passing move. See URA.Ru for details.

A thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze, better known as Avto or Avto Kopala, has spent almost three weeks in the Sverdlovsk region. In a sense, it has been a high-profile event; the Middle Urals criminal community has not seen a man of such caliber for a long time. A number of informed sources tell URA.Ru that the reputable citizen has spent his first days at the Chamber of Commerce of the Novaya Bolnitsa.

“No one will ever know his diagnosis. It is personal information. A citizen has a right to treat anything and anywhere at his own expense, after all. You can get sick with anything in prison,” URA.Ru’s informed source said. He recalls that the last thief in law living in Yekaterinburg, Timur Sverdlovsky, who had died of AIDS and tuberculosis in 2014, used exactly the same tricks, i.e. went to the hospital at the first problems with the security forces.

Avto has used the so-called health insurance to avoid possible expulsion from outside the region. 

Not only medical workers have guaranteed Avto’s safety. Thief within the law, who had arrived in Yekaterinburg on August 26, was well received and securely guarded by employees of one of the private security companies. Reports have surfaced that both the cars and the bodyguards have been provided to a VIP-client Mr. Kobeshavidze by the owner of several security companies Oleg Naumov. They say that his people have done a great job; when travelling through Yekaterinburg and the region, the defendant’s car have been changed every three hours. Meanwhile, the thief in law has been negotiating.

When hiring the security, the criminal wanted to insure against the excesses of a different kind. According to the interlocutor, law enforcers have not been the source of risk for Avto, as they had nothing against him. Rather, it is the aggressive environment, to which Kobeshavidze have been exposed in Yekaterinburg.

Over the 11 years of his imprisonment, his enemy, former thief in law Trofa (Andrey Trofimov) has grown stronger. In 2004, he was decrowned by thieves from Ded Hasan’s crime group, which also included Avto himself. But even then, in 2004, Trofa, whose status had been suspended, was supported by the Uralmash crime group and Tsentrovye crime group, whom he had failed to destroy.

In 2016, the situation shifted in favor of the decrowned Trofa to a greater extent. Today, he firmly occupies his economic niche and lives in peace with the victors of the 90's war; but, nevertheless, he has reinforced his position with militants provided by people close to him. For example, his most powerful ally is German Gardt, who has the largest group of fighters in the Sverdlovsk region.

Part of the criminal lords of the Slavic wing is ready to support Trofimov; needless to say, it means they will cause problems for the newcomer Avtandil Kobeshavidze. 

As can be seen from the September events that took place in the gypsy settlement, as well as the January incident outside of Dirizhabl Trade Center, groups of trained young athletes are able to solve various issues. Such is the objective power balance on the map of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region by fall 2016.

Why has Avto come to the Urals? “Objectively, he might have arrived to get his share of the common fund. After all, thieves were collecting money in the Sverdlovsk region during his imprisonment, so the amount should be rather big. But Trofa could have come into possession of some of the money, so that Avto would have got nothing. In fact, even before imprisonment, Kobeshavidze had been the poorest thief in law, that is why he had turned to stealing in the first place. And that is why he has been sentenced for 11 years. All he managed to do over the time of imprisonment was build a house in the Chelyabinsk region; it was all he had. Now, using his thief in law’s right and Shakro Molodoy’s authority [aka Zakhar Kalashov, who is currently in a Moscow pre-trial detention center, Avto may hold Trofa accountable,” the knowledgeable interlocutor says.

Support for this is to be found in the new version of the battle outside of Dirizhabl Trade Center, which surfaced at the time Kobeshavidze arrived. In January 2016, Ded Hasan’s successors allegedly broached the common fund issue, but got the frozen mitt from Trofimov’s people and their militants.

What is more interesting is who needs a thief in law in the Urals? According to observers, the criminal’s visit should be preceded by a tacit consent of the security forces, otherwise such visits are problematic. “The fact he had been allowed to visit, and, moreover, solve his problems, including claiming his money and supplanting his enemy, i.e. Trofimov, indicated that Avto would not be thrown to Ded Hasan’s successors and Shakro Molodoy’s legates. But that may be not the point. It seems that Avto’s visit to the Urals is part of an elaborate combination developed by security forces,” the interlocutor speculates. According to him, the strategic goal might be to undermine the established power “monolith” of the criminal groups.

If we look at the Dirizhabl fight, it is evident that a group of hundred people has gathered as if a whistle had blown. It is possible that a number of smalltime criminals may join Avto, who has a squeaky clean reputation. And then the “divide and rule” principle comes in. There is an argument in favor of this theory too.

During the thief in law’s visit to Yekaterinburg, his opponents held a number of intimidation campaigns aiming at possible Kobeshavidze supporters.

These included an armed clash in the Akademichesky district of Yekaterinburg. “The power structure is resisting the pressure,” URA.Ru’s interlocutor sums up.

Avtandil Kobeshavidze’s trip was supposed to last only a month. According to the news agency’s source, this would be enough for the thief-in-law to negotiate the return of the aforementioned Timur Sverdlovsky’s nephew Giya Akoev (Giya Sverdlovsky) to Yekaterinburg. The latter, being the grandson of Ded Hasan, should be released in a year. Should the law enforcers’ best-case scenario not work, its authors are not at any risk. Knowledgeable people say that law enforcers have an opportunity to “reset” the consequences of the criminal’s visit by pushing him out to the Chelyabinsk or Kurgan region.



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