Shakro Molodoy’s and ICR investigators’ cases can be busted up by Eduard Budantsev’s lawyer 

Shakro Molodoy’s and ICR investigators’ cases can be busted up by Eduard Budantsev’s lawyer

Budantsev’s lawyer Ruslan Suleymanov suddenly took Shakro Molodoy’s side.

In a criminal case of extortion against the kingpin Shakro Molodoy (Young), an unexpected twist took place, which may affect the further development of not only his case, but also the high-profile cases of bribery and corruption in the Investigation Committee management.

Suddenly, among the staff of Eduard Budantsev’s law firm Dictatorship of Law who spoke in court on behalf of Janna Kim, a split happened, according to Kommersant.

One of the lawyers Ruslan Suleymanov suddenly radically changed his position, saying that no extortion has ever taken place and the conflict emerged because Shakro’s people asked Janna Kim to pay her debt to the designer Fatima Misikova who asked Zakhary Kalashov to help her get 8 million rubles for renovation of the restaurant Elements.

The conversation did not happen

On that day, 14 December 2015, a verbal communication on Janna Kim’s debt to Fatima Misikova quickly turned into a fight, and then in the shootout. The owner of the restaurant was represented by Edward Budantsev and three attorneys from his office called Dictatorship of Law, who these days protect him in court. On behalf of the designer Misikova, there were guards of a private security agency controlled by Shakro Molodoy, headed by the crime boss Andrey Kochuykov, nicknamed the Italian.


Eduard Budantsev in court

The Italian’s people were armed only with traumatic weapons, while Eduard Budantsev opened fire on them from a combat Beretta which he had previously received as a reward for participating in an armed conflict with Georgia in 2008 from the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov. As a result, in the course of the armed conflict at the restaurant Elements two of its participants were killed and six were injured.

After the initiation of criminal proceedings and the beginning of their consideration by the court Budantsev’s lawyers took up defense. The position of the Dictatorship of Law was the following: Budantsev’s firing intended to kill the Italian’s people they qualified as exceeding the limits of necessary self-defense.

The rebellious lawyer

However, according to Kommersant, the lawyer Ruslan Suleymanov completely changed his mind about the circumstances of the incident, at one point becoming the opponent of his former colleagues, former chief, as well as, in his words, former friend.

"I have to live in this city, work in it, to walk these streets, so I do not want to wrongfully accuse people anymore. As for my colleagues in the bureau, we went our separate ways, and Edward Budantsev, who was my friend, became an enemy", explained Suleymanov his point of view to Kommersant.

The course of events on the Rochdelskaya Street on that fateful December day Suleymanov now interprets completely differently than before.

Joanna Kim, according to him, indeed owed Fatima Misikova from the design bureau Gvozdika, which is owned by Andrey Kochuykov. According to Suleymanov, the Italian came to reconcile the two quarreling women who had known each other and had associated business in the period of their life in Kazakhstan. Suleymanov noted that the parties had a real chance to resolve the conflict by peaceful means until Budantsev got involved.

Having reconsidered his opinion on the firefight on Rochdelskaya, Suleymanov is sure that taking into account all these circumstances, the charges against Kalashov and his men accused of extortion should be removed. Worst case scenario, they will be reclassified under the Art. 330 of the Criminal Code which provides for punishment for vigilanteism.


The owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim

Suleymanov not only is now in opposition to his former colleagues, he also hopes for solidarity of other participants of the incident, who until recently have supported Budantsev. Another participant of the shooting on the Rochdelskaya Street, Petr Cherchintsev, who was shot in both legs, also declined the legal services of the Dictatorship of Law. Now, his lawyer is Suleymanov, who also negotiates with Joanna Kim, trying to convince her to withdraw the complaint about the extortion.

There was no extortion?

Recall that the negotiation in the style of bandit 90s on the Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow directly and indirectly influenced several high-profile cases over the past year.

If the lawyer Suleymanov succeeds in the court in re-evaluation of the participation of Shakro Molodoy, the Italian and Budantsev in it, several high-profile cases initiated by the FSB will be under threat of collapse.

In particular, a number of questions immediately arise in cases of Organizing a Criminal Community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code) by Zakhar Kalashov and getting a very large Bribe (Art. 290 of the Criminal Code), by the former Deputy Head of Main Directorate of the ICR in Moscow Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the BIA ICR Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Lamonov, which grew from a case of extortion.

According to the investigation data, firing on Rochdelskaya was the result of Shakro Molodoy’s attack on restaurateur Joanna Kim, a bribe of $ 1 million to the ICR investigators has just been given to reclassify the charge under a softer article.

Meanwhile, Suleymanov’s former colleagues strongly disagree with him. In order to reconcile women, the Italian did not need to bring 20 armed men along, and the amount of 8 million rubles is more than a reasonable fee for Elements restaurant renovation, consider Budantsev’s lawyers.



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