Shakro Molodoy offered Budantsev 2 million euros for settlement agreement

Shakro Molodoy offered Budantsev 2 million euros for settlement agreement
Photo: TASS, Anton Novoderezhkin

The former KGB officer and ex-commander of special police unit Eduard Budantsev, who had a quarrel with Zakhar Kalashov’s hehchmen at the Elements restaurant, has refused to take money from thieves.⁠

Shortly before his detention, the notorious crowned thief Zakhar Kalashov (also known as Shakro Molodoy) offered to settle the conflict with Joanna Kim and her lawyers. The Head of Kalashov’s private security agency, Dmitry Zvontsev, was supposed to give 2 million euros to a former KGB officer and the ex-commander of the Moscow Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) Eduard Budantsev, Life reported, citing its source. In exchange for that Joanna Kim was supposed to retract her testimony against Shakro Molodoy and his associate Andrey Kochuykov (also known as Italian). Kalashov also promised that his people would testify in favor of Budantsev, which would help mitigate his sentence for the murder during a gunfight on the Rochdelskaya Street.

However, Budantsev categorically refused to take money from the thieves’ cash fund, and so the settlement agreement could not be reached. Moreover, the investigators of the ICR Main Department for the Central District of Moscow, who led the case on extortion of 8 million rubles, learned of the reconciliation plan and warned Joanna Kim about criminal liability for giving false testimony.

On December 14, 2015, a gunfight broke out in Moscow between Shakro Molodoy’s gang and Joanna Kim’s defenders. Kalashov’s henchmen demanded to pay an 8 million rubles debt owed by Fatima Misikova, or to hand them the entire restaurant. Members of the private security agency and Italian were armed only with traumatic weapons, but the former security forces officers led by Budantsev were carrying military weapons.

During the shootout, two of Shakro’s people were killed, 6 were injured. Budantsev was charged with the murder of two and more persons. At first, Italian was accused of hooliganism, but after Shakro Molodoy tried to free him from prison, he was charged with extortion. Zakhar Kalashov himself was detained on the same grounds. And after Dmitry Zvontsev had bribed Kochuykov’s way out of jail, a number of the ICR high-ranking employees were arrested.



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