"Shakro Molodoy may well be called the criminal lord of the galaxy"

"Shakro Molodoy may well be called the criminal lord of the galaxy"

According to media reports, the Russian legal system has introduced a new term for Zakhar Kalashov, asserting his exclusive rights as the leader of the criminal Russia.

Shakro Molodoy’s criminal case has become a unique one, after its case materials introduced a new term, "the leader of Russia’s criminal organization," to emphasize the scale of their activities, Kommersant wrote.

The case against Zakhar Kalashov was instituted by the FSB Investigative Department under a very rare article — part 4 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Creation of a Criminal Community by the person holding the supreme position in a criminal hierarchy). Actions envisaged in the fourth part of Article 210 shall be punished by a term of imprisonment of 15 to 20 years, or life imprisonment.

According to the case file, Shakro Molodoy had been managing not a single organized crime group, but the whole criminal infrastructure in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The investigation believes that Shakro Molodoy created "strong links between individual criminal groups," he developed plans for their criminal activities and distributed the spheres of influence.

"Z.K. Kalashov became the leader of Russia’s criminal organization after the death of a crowned thief A.R. Usoyan nicknamed Ded Hasan in 2013. Kalashov coordinated actions not only of smaller kingpins, but even ordinary members of the federal gangs," Kommersant quoted the case filed.

Such wording provides law enforcement agencies with serious grounds for mass detention of criminals under this article. According to a source of Kommersant, in addition to participants of a skirmish on the Rochdelskaya Street in December 2015, which resulted in the detention of Shakro’s several accomplices, his gang "may now include absolutely all suspects, accused and even convicted previously in any other criminal cases."

However, the actual situation with Shakro Molodoy’s criminal organization looks the exact opposite of this description.

The investigation will have a hard time proving Kalashov’s guilt in organizing a gang of a federal scale. For this it is necessary to find the proof of hierarchical relationships between Shakro Molodoy and the criminal structures in other Russian regions, such as the Far East and the Far North, as well as direct evidence of them obeying orders from Shakro himself.

Besides, the majority of convicted crowned thieves are engaged in criminal activities by proxy, judging from their biographies. As a result, they are usually serving mild sentences.

Shakro Molodoy’s lawyer Alexander Gofshtein keeps calm and does not comment on the situation with Kalashov’s new grand title. Gofshtein repeatedly stated that Kalashov’s earlier convictions had long been removed from official records, that he is a Russian citizen, a permanent resident of the Moscow Region, who has three children depending on him. At the same time, for some reason, the lawyer does not mention the 9 years of Kalashov’s imprisonment for laundering money in Spain.

The lawyer sees no proof of his client’s alleged involvement in the crimes stated in the materials of the criminal case.

It is noteworthy that at the present time, the case file mentions Kalashov as the only member of his organized criminal group.

Members of a private security firm and a kingpin Andrey Kochuykov, also known as the Italian, who arrived on the Rochdelskaya Street at the order of Shakro Molodoy to aid Fatima Misikova, are accused of extortion. The police officers detained in this case are charged with negligence, while the high-ranking employees of the Russian Investigative Committee, who joined all of them in prison later, are suspected of taking a bribe for the collapse of the criminal case and the overall protection.

Not a single person from this large group of detainees in the case of a shootout at the Elements restaurant has been charged with participation in a criminal organization, the penalty for which is stipulated by the Art. 210 of the Criminal Code.

At the same time, there is no such a legal term, as "the leader of Russia’s criminal organization," or a federal scale, in the domestic law system, according to a lawyer, who consulted the CrimeRussia on this issue.

"Shakro Molodoy may well be called the criminal lord of the galaxy, if that is what the investigation wishes. Any and all conclusions can be made only from the indictment," the lawyer summed up.

He also claims that the document cited by Kommersant looks more like a situation report from the MIAD department for combating organized crime, which is developing crowned thieves. In the course of the investigation and later in the trial, the charges may be requalified. Given the complexity of forming the body of evidence for such a serious charge, Shakro Molodoy’s of organizing a major gang can eventually crumble.



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