Shakro Molodoy may lose his illegal assets

Shakro Molodoy may lose his illegal assets
Zakhar Kalashov during the detention in his mansion

Investigators are currently developing two closest associates of the codebound criminal.

The investigators are currently developing two of Shakro’s closest associates - Konstantin Manukyan and Otar nicknamed Otto – as part of Zakhar Kalashov’s case. Otto is known only as superviseк of Shakro’s business, while Manukyan is a more notorious criminal. Born in Georgia, he was sentenced to 15 years in 1989 for the murder of an influential Kurd. He has been engaged in business with Kalashov for many years. Manukyan is wanted by Interpol for creating an organized crime group in Spain and for money laundering. In this case, Kalashov spent 8 years in a Spanish prison. Manukyan also controls the Golden Palance hotel complex (former casino) Golden Palace, where Shakro set up his main office, as sources imply. Crowned thieves from all Russian regions flocked there to solve their issues.

A source told the CrimeRussia that if the investigators would manage to discover the assets registered on Manukyan and Otto, this property would be confiscated in accordance with part 4 of art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code. As a reminder, Kalashov is charged not only with extortion, but also with organizing a crime group.

Earlier, the same source reported that the cases of senior investigators, who had allegedly patronized the kingpin, would be transferred to the Main Military Investigative Department of the Russian Investigative Committee. An important condition for the transfer is at least one of the defendants must be a serviceman. The source claims that such a person will soon be among the defendants in this criminal case. It will be an officer of the Federal Security Service (the FSB), who also became joined Kalashov’s criminal empire. Then members of the Main Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian MIA will also appear on the list.



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