Shakro Molodoy is defended by Yaponchik’s prominent lawyer

Shakro Molodoy is defended by Yaponchik’s prominent lawyer
Aleksandr Gofshtein

The interests of the criminal world leader Shakro Molodoy (Young) are defended by a Russian lawyer Aleksandr Gofshtein, a member of the Board of Partners of a lawyer bureau Padva and Partners.

Zakhar Kalashov is not Gofshtein’s first authoritative client: at the time he had already defended the interests of Vyacheslav Ivankov. In addition, the lawyer himself was suspected of having links with the criminal world: in 2006 the Spanish law enforcement officers arrested him on charges of Russian mafia, which is suspected of building the fraudulent schemes of money laundering.

Alexander Gofshtein is a hereditary lawyer, the son of the well-known in the legal environment Mikhail Gofshtein, the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates of the Moscow Region, the Vice-President of the International Union (community) of Advocates. After graduating from the Law Faculty of the Moscow State University, Aleksandr began to work under the supervision of the eminent lawyer Henry Padva. After internships at the foreign law firms Sullivan & Worsester (USA) and Patzak & Specht (Austria), Gofshtein returned to Padva. Together they worked on such major matters as the protection of the former Chairman of the Supreme Council of the USSR Anatoly Lukyanov in the case of the Emergency Committee and Igor Bushnev protection, in the case of the murder of the priest and the social and religious leader Alexander Men.

As an independent practitioner Gofshtein has already worked on the cases of the following clients:

• the Russian MIA Investigative Committee investigator Pavel Zaitsev, who is accused of conducting illegal searches at the suspects in the smuggling of furniture on a large scale, subsequently sold through shopping malls Tri Kita and Grand;

• the Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the YUKOS-Moscow, the asset management company of YUKOS Svetlana Bakhmina accused of embezzlement of assets of Tomskneft, a subsidiary of YUKOS, amounting to more than 8 billion rubles and evasion of paying 606 000 rubles;

• the kingpin Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponichik), a suspect in the murder of two Turkish citizens;

• the State Duma Deputy Vladislav Reznik, suspected of having links with the Russian mafia in Spain.

In 2006, the lawyer was arrested in Spain in the Madrid prison, where he arrived for a meeting with his client Zakhar Kalashov. Gofshtein was suspected of spreading the main kingpin’s orders outside and transportation of large amounts of dirty money.



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