Shakro Molodoy hinders Gela from recovering status 

Shakro Molodoy hinders Gela from recovering status
Gela Kardava

The criminal does not manage to make himself known in Russia.⁠

The formerly successful protégé of Ded Hasan is now taken ambiguously in the thieves’ environment. While abroad, he has long been trying to make himself known in Russia. But, firstly, he is officially banned from entering Russia until 2018 for violation of the migration legislation. Secondly, his status as a thief in law was suspended in 2015 for undignified for his position conduct.

The cause of Gela's troubles was his conflict with Badri Koguashvili (Badri Kutaissky) who is very respected in the criminal world and is currently serving time for possession of drugs. Shakro Molodoy read out the kite about his alleged decrowning with the signature of Roland Gegechkori (Roland Hat), Merab Mzarelua (Douyake) and Gela at a big gathering in Yerevan. At the same time he called Badri Kutaissky a brother, and promised to call out separately the signatories. All the gathered supported the boss of all the bosses in it.

Later, in April 2015 it was decided to suspend the thievish powers of Gela Kardava during a video and teleconference with the participation of Shakro Molodoy, Robinzon Arabuli (Robinzon) and a number of other thieves, some of whom were either abroad or imprisoned. In addition to the unjustified kite about Badri, he was also reminded of close relations with Vadim Ivanenko (Vadik Krasnodarsky), who was suspected of stealing $6 million from the common fun and killed in Turkey.

In the summer of that year Gela, living one day in Turkey, another day in Bulgaria, then in Ukraine, or in Cyprus, tried to hush up the situation and regain the fullness of his position. In Turkey he tried to convene a meeting, at which he would enlist the support of influential thieves in law. He even negotiated with now arrested Yury Pichugin (Pichuga). But all was in vain. Zakhar Kalashov actively hindered his attempts.    

Finally, recently he has had another chance to return to the thieves' hierarchy.

Гайоз Звиададзе («Гия Кутаисский»)

The gist is that Gela realized that he could be useful to influential thief in law Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky), who had recently freed from the place of imprisonment. The latter decided to settle abroad and he needed financial assistance. In response to this the return of Gela to the ‘family’ was scheduled for the next few days.

However, as Rosbalt reports, third forces again intervened the situation. Such thieves in law as David Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky), Sergey Glonti (Guga) and Kakhaber Parpaliya (Kakha Galsky) contacted Giya Kutaissky and explained to him that it would be wrong to cancel the decision made by Shakro Young and other respected people.

Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky), who is under house arrest in Italy, expressed his opinion against Gela as well.

As a result, Gela Kardava, whom the source of The CrimeRussia even called a candidate for the place of Shakro Molodoy, not only distanced himself from participating in such elections, but also failed to return the former status.



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