Shakro Molodoy and Italian faced difficulties in jail because of their religion

Shakro Molodoy and Italian faced difficulties in jail because of their religion
Zakhar Kalashov

Andrey Kochuykov was grabed away all trappings of the faith and the Orthodox Zakhar Kalashov was put in a cell with a Muslim terrorist.

The thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) and his associate Andrey Kochuykov (Italian) complained of restrictions on their rights in the sphere of religion. In particular, during the visit to the Lefortovo of members of the Public Oversight Commission (POC) Kochuykov said that he was grabed away the beads and fabric tape with a prayer. According to the POC member Elena Abdullayeva, whom quoted Moskovsky Komsomolets, the prison explain their actions by saying that these things are like a rope, and so they can be used for suicide. In this case, in the camera itself there hungs a rope with excerpts from jail's rules.

By the way, not so long ago in the Public Chamber held a round table in which representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church made it clear that can be considered as a subject of worship in cells, and which not. They noted that all pre-trial detention centers allow fabric tape with a prayer, prayer beads and folding icons. To religious items can be attributed a clipping from a newspaper or magazine picture of icon.

In addition, Koychukov complained that because of the paucity of choice in prison food there is difficult for him to fast. Therefore, he has to eat only apples and bread in the pre-trial detention center. All this, according to the criminal authority, affects on his already poor health. He still did not have made promised in Matrosskaya tishina MRI study. Now prison doctors give him pills for epilepsy. Recall that Kochuykov was wounded in a shootout, and then also received a head injury in the convoy.

But Zakhar Kalashova put a difficult choice - whether he wants, he was visited by someone from the family or a priest. The fact is that he wants to confess, but it is stated that the visit of the priest will be treated as a date, permission for which can be given by the investigator.

With such a position Pater Sergius, who is visiting the pre-trial detention center №1 for many years, completely disagree, said MK. According to him, priests should be in prison without any permission. Many church officials are collaborating with the FSIN, almost in every prison there is a schedule of their visit. Therefore, if somewhere priests are allowed only with the permission of the investigator, these is the excessive ambition of representatives of the investigation, or of the detention center management.

Kalashov is currently in a cell with Islamist prisoners, who is accused under Terrorism (Article 205 of the Criminal Code). According to members of the POC, they are psychologically inconsistent, their neighborhood is very dangerous.



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