'Shadow Governor of Volgograd'. It's been 8 years since murder of crime boss Vladimir Kadin

'Shadow Governor of Volgograd'. It's been 8 years since murder of crime boss Vladimir Kadin

Killer shot the crime boss at a restaurant in front of his guards.

Exactly 8 years ago, on August 18, 2011, the "gray cardinal" of Volgograd, businessman Vladimir Kadin, who formally served as deputy chairman of the Boxing Federation of the Volgograd Region, was killed. 

Kadin was killed at 21.50 in the center of Volgograd. The crime boss dined on the summer terrace of the FaSol restaurant, sat with his back to the street. At the next table sat a killer who paid the bill and moved to a bench near the establishment.

Kadin's guards also sat next to him, but that did not stop the killer. After waiting for a convenient moment, the killer ran up and shot Kadin in the head. The bullet went tangentially and touched the companion of the businessman. He himself died on the spot.

Kadin's bodyguards ran to catch up with the killer. During the chase, a contracted killer received two injuries, and when he realized that he could not leave, he shot himself in the head.

Kadin had the unofficial status of alpha dog in the region, and is also the holder of the so-called criminal “common fund.” The main reason why Kadin became the leader of the only remaining organized crime group in Volgograd is that the other leaders died or went to prison.

At the same time, no one ever prosecuted Kadin, did not bring any charges, up to his murder, after which the head of the Volgograd Investigative Committee Mikhail Muzraev raised all the materials of contract killings in the region and literally in six months revealed 38 unsolved crimes, all of which were connected with the Kadin's people.



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