Servicemen took side in war between ‘code-bound criminals’? 

Servicemen took side in war between ‘code-bound criminals’?
Mindia Gulua

In Krasnodar, law enforcement agencies became involved in shootouts, and, judging by testimonies of the victims, they took a side of Merab Sukhumsky’s gang.

A war between influential criminal clans with participation of local law enforcement agencies is arising in the Krasnodar Region. The last are obviously taking one of the sides of the warring parties. As a source of Rosbalt reports, the central figure in this conflict is ‘authoritative’ businessman Mindia Gulua who, according to the available data, is the main lobbyist of interests of ‘code-bound criminal’ Merab Dzhangveladze, known as Merab Sukhumsky.

«Мераб Сухумский»

Merab Sukhumsky

Attempt at Gulua was already made for the third time. It happened in the evening on August 23, 2016 on Chekistov Avenue in the Anniversary residential district of Krasnodar. An unknown person shot the businessman and his bodyguard, who was near him, got into the car and disappeared. Later the field investigators who arrived to the scene found the car in the neighboring yard abandoned and burned. According to some information, there were weapon and cartridges, one of which detonated at the fire, found in the car. As a result of explosion, a man, who was passing by, was wounded. Gulua, his security guard, and also the pedestrian, who got under a gangster bullet were hospitalized.

According to a data from open sources, Gulua is a founder of four companies - MAGICIAN Group of Companies CJSC, Crassus FM LLC, Borzhomi center LLC and MGL-gruppa LLC. Along with it, it became known that he was actively lobbying interests of Merab Sukhumsky’s clan in the Krasnodar Region. Earlier, David Dzhangidze by nickname Dato Krasnodarsky was a member of this clan. According to a source, the Sukhumi clan in Kuban is resisted by group of nowadays arrested Shakro Molodoy (Shakro the Young). His interests are represented by Dato Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky), Ara Muradyan known as Ara Armavirsky and Shalva Ozmanov known as Kuso.

Mindia Gulua is not just promoting Dzhangveladze's interests in the region, but also is a keeper of a part of the capital, joint with the Sukhumi clan. It is no secret that Rovshan Lenkoransky was the key to well-founded and successful life of Merab Sukhumsky for a long time, but after his murder in Istanbul all transfers stopped. After that the ‘code-bound criminal’ decided to demand from money Gulua through his brother Levan. And in several days after this episode attempt at Gulua happened.

Initially Gulua made it clear that he suspects Merab Sukhumsky of ‘ordering’ him, but after a serious conversation with ‘authorities’, changed his position and declared that he suffered, advocating the interests of Dzhangveladze's clan in the Krasnodar Region. And the assassination attempt could have been organized by a totally other ‘code-bound criminal’. That is Roman Kashchayev famous in the criminal world as Kashchay, who has been in a ‘cold war’ with Dzhangveladze for many years.



According to a source, at this moment Krasnodar security officers joined the ‘game’, they started to prove this version of attack on Gulua. Local Eduard Kesheshyan who once knew Kashchay and Gulua got into a circle of suspects. Investigators were sure that he personally shot the businessman. However witnesses said that the killer jumped into a car very quickly after firing and disappeared. The matter is that Kesheshyan is the disabled person of the first group and only moves with a cane. And also last time he saw Kashchay was long ago.

Investigators started to look for accomplices of Eduard Kesheshyan among ‘unidentified persons’. The first in the investigators’ list of accomplices was Aram Gambaryan, Kesheshyan’s friend, who was bringing parcels to him to pre-trial detention center. Detention happened on March 21, 2017 near Tabris supermarket. The man’s way was blocked by two cars (a blue microbus with Moscow numbers and a car), from which unknown persons ran out. With the words ‘FSB is working’, they put a bag on Gambaryan’s head jostled in one of the cars and drove away in the unknown direction. Then they beat him. As a result he turned out in police station, where it became clear that Gambaryan is a person far from the criminal world, and have never known Kashchay. Besides he had an alibi. Then he was transported to Afipsky settlement police station, where statement of an administrative offense was drawn up against him, for the fact that allegedly on March 22 (next day after detention by unknown) he was walking the streets early in the morning and using foul language. Then he was sent to a detention center, from where he was hospitalized in a local hospital.

Doctors recorded the hardest injuries at Gambaryan, he was placed in resuscitation and connected to the artificial kidney. He also had to undertake a surgery because of internal hemorrhage in a stomach.

It was not possible to know who detained Gambaryan and who owned the microbus and the car. According to a source of Rosbalt, similar cars are used by a guard of businessman Mindia Gulua.

Next ‘accomplice’ of Eduard Kesheshyan was previously convicted athlete Armen Chekalyan. In March, 2017 he arrived to Moscow, blue microbus and sedan arrived for him directly to the Vnukovo airport airfield. Further the scenario repeated – unknown people, put on a bag on Chekalyan's head, jostled him in the car and took him out to the wood. There he was tortured for a long time, being demanded to admit participation in attempt at Gulua and that the ‘order’ came from Kashchay. According to Chekalyan, he was beaten, drowned in the river, forced to dig a grave to himself. And then, on the same microbus he was brought to police station of Krasnodar. There detention was registered and after he was arrested on suspicion of partnership in attempt at Gulua.

However, there was a disagreement. It became clear that during an assassination attempt at the businessman Chekalyan participated in a funeral, helping to carry a coffin that was confirmed by numerous witnesses. He came to Moscow to agree with one of clinics about carrying out operation for his mother. He had necessary 750 thousand rubles ($13.160) for this purpose, which, by the way, disappeared after attack of unknown.

As it became known, Eduard Kesheshyan and Armen Chekalyan already made complaints addressed to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the management of the regional central board, demanding initiation of the corresponding criminal cases against police officers who detained them.



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