Serial killer Ali who served 12 years decides to get crowned in Chelyabinsk 

Serial killer Ali who served 12 years decides to get crowned in Chelyabinsk
Avedik Kargiev (Abi)

However, a compromising video suspended this issue.

A crime lord from North Ossetia Avedik Kargiev (Abi), who was released early in the year, decided to settle in Chelyabinsk and ascend to the highest level of the criminal hierarchy, that is, become a thief in law. This is reported by

On the one hand, he has every reason to become one. First, he is a protégé of thief in law Zurab Endeladze (Zurab Kutaissky), who represents the mighty Nadir Salifov (Guli) along with another thief Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky).

Abi himself has links to the most powerful Chelyabinsk crime group developed on the basis of Khaliulinskaya OCG, headed by a certain Pavel Klevakin aka Klyopa. The Khaliulin’s gang ceased to exist along with the death of its leader – Aleksandr Rezvanov (Khalya, Nikolaich, Khaliulin was his father’s second name) – in 2006. The informal owner of Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk and four of his men were shot by killers.

Kargiev shot to fame in 2014 when serving a 12-year sentence for a series of murders in a Verkhneuralsk prison. Back then, he was summoned to the Chelyabinsk Court in the case of mass riots in the Kopeysk Strict-Regime Colony No. 6, which occurred two years earlier.

After being sent to the Chelyabinsk pre-trial detention center No. 1 (SIZO-1) on Rossiyskaya Street, Abi began to actively lay down the rule, defiantly refusing to obey the administration’s requirements and messing with the ‘seniors’ appointed by the SIZO. And finally, he organized a mass riot, which involved about 100 prisoners. Officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service tried to pass off the withdrawal of a cell phone (which banned in prison) from Kargiev as the cause of unrest. However, according to the investigation, Kargiev was engaged in the fight for the position of an ‘enforcer’ between Maksim Malinovsky and Sergey Kolmogortsev.

Recently, the Court sentenced 12 most active rioters in the SIZO-1 to prison terms ranging from five years to ten years’ rigorous imprisonment. However, Kargiev managed to evade penalty, as the case against him was terminated as the statutory limit had expired. 

After Abi’s release, the Court made a decision on supervision for three years; that is, he had to show up at the place of registration in North Ossetia all this time. However, back during the proceedings related to the SIZO-1 unrest, the defendant of which was Kargiev, the Kalininsky district police department requested the oversight case, and the crime lord had to stay in Chelyabinsk. 

However, as the publication's source in security bodies believes, former member of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) Dina Latypova, Kargiev’s common-law wife, played a significant role in his story.

At the same time, while having been released only recently, Abi has already managed to run into trouble, which could put an end to his aspiration of becoming a thief.

For example, a video showing the crime lord in a bad light, namely, under the influence of drugs, is circulating the web. It was recorded when Abi was in a cell; its author may be one of the Federal Penitentiary Service officers, which clearly implies its provocative nature. But there is no escaping the fact that none could recommend the ‘drug addict’ as a thief in law candidacy.

Especially since, according to some sources, it is the influence of some forbidden substances that explain other inappropriate actions of Abi. For example, the stab rampage he organized together with Klyopa in Maximilians in January this year. Or the bullying of the North-Ossetian ‘bratva’ back when he was in the Chelyabinsk SIZO-3, for which he had to be held accountable at large. The offended underworld representatives gave Abi and his friend Som a bloody reception in their homeland when the former miraculously escaped death and were forced to urgently return to Chelyabinsk.

In addition, according to the publication’s source, the question that concerns everyone is Abi’s cooperation with law enforcers, who do not refer his oversight case at the place of registration.

Video: Avedik Kargiev (Abi) in Chelyabinsk colony



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