Serezha Bentley sentenced to 9 years in special regime colony 

Serezha Bentley sentenced to 9 years in special regime colony
Asatryan Jr. and his uncle during detention

Affected businessman Karen Mkhitaryan was absent at the hearings without explanation for a long time, but had time to write angry letters to journalists and even storm the office of the news agency.

The point upends in a loud criminal case, the main defendant of which is once the youngest representative of the criminal elite - thief in law Sergey Asatryan, better known as Serezha-Bentley and Osetrina Mladshy. As Rosbalt reported citing a source, the Nikulinskiy court of Moscow found the kingpin, as well as his uncle Arthur Bagdasaryan guilty of extortion and sentenced to 9 and 8 years of imprisonment in a special regime penal colony respectively. Lawyers of the defendants said they did not agree with the verdict, because there is no corpus delicti in actions of their principals.

The CrimeRussia was the first, who reported on the detention of Serezha-Bentley - the son of reputable kingpin Eduard Asatryan (Edik Tbilissky, Osetrina) on November 11, 2015. The source reported that Asatryan Jr. and his uncle, Arthur Bagdasaryan, were detained in connection with charges of extorting $ 1.2 million. Employees of the 6 operations and search division of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department  and operations and search division of the Department of Internal Affairs in Moscow with the support of SOBR fighters.

According to the materials of the case, the victim of kingpin and his uncle's actions is businessman Karen Mkhitaryan, who, as noted by Rosbalt, was absent at the hearings without explanation for a long time. However, he managed to write letters to the CrimeRussia and other resources with the demand to refute publications, in which he was mentioned. In particular, based on the source of the CrimeRussia, Mkhitaryan, who is Eduard Asatryan's distant relative, was ready to change his testimony in exchange for $ 400000, which demanded from the wife of the kingpin. In addition, annoyed with publicity Mkhitaryan, accompanied by OMON fighters, tried to break into the Moscow office of the news agency Rosbalt in November 2016 and demanded to give him to talk with reporters. Journalists' attorneys considered Mkhitaryan's actions as illegal. The application with enclosed video recording was handed over to law enforcement authorities, but its fate is unknown.

Not so long ago the program Moment Istiny (Moment of Truth) presented one of the scenarios, which formed the basis of this criminal case. For more information you can read here.

Video: the court arrested kingpin Osetrina



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