Serega Bentley sent to Vladimir Central for gang wars in Butyrka prison

Serega Bentley sent to Vladimir Central for gang wars in Butyrka prison
Sergey Asatryan, Gennady Ivankov, and Eduard Asatryan, Napoleon Restaurant, December 2012, Moscow

Sergey Asatryan has been transferred from the Moskovskaya Tishina detention facility to one of the strictest prisons in Russia, the Vladimir Central.

The media have reported that this transfer of the thief in law is the Federal Penitentiary Service's veiled attempt to prevent further gang wars after the skirmish in the Butyrka prison.

Sergey Asatryan, known in the criminal world as Osetrina Mladshy or Serezha Bentley, has been suddenly transferred from the Moskovskaya Tishina pre-trial detention facility to the Vladimir Central prison. While in the Moskovskaya Tishina, he was awaiting the Moscow City Court's appeal decision on the sentence previously imposed on him.

The appeal in Asatryan case was set for hearing on May 15. Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Serezha Bentley was detained in 2015 on charges of extorting a large sum of money. In February this year, the Nikulinsky Court sentenced Asatryan to 9 years in a strict-regime colony for extortion. Disagreeing with the verdict, Serega Bentley appealed to higher authorities. It should be noted that the sentence cannot become effective until the appeal is heard, therefore, the convicted person may not be sent to the colony according to law. 


Asatryan-Mladshy and his uncle during detention

Osetrina Mladshy was awaiting a court ruling in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention facility. However, during the next visit to the detention center, his lawyers learned that their client was not in the Matrosskaya Tishina. Moreover, no one can tell the lawyers where their principal is. 

The fact that Sergey Asatryan was deported under guard to the Vladimir Central came to light just before the May holidays. At the same time, the Federal Penitentiary Service found a sneaky way to bypass the formalities with the prohibition to transfer the convict before the sentence comes into legal force. Namely, instead of the Vladimir Central prison, Serezha Bentley was sent to the prison's detention center. Meanwhile, there are pretty much the same conditions there; they are aimed at breaking the spirit of prisoners and, in particular, thieves in law.

As it turned out, Sergey Asatryan is held in a solitary confinement; he is denied any communication, medical care and walks. In addition, he gets shackled, and a bag is put on his head during his movement around the Vladimir Central.

Despite the objections of lawyers and Asatryan himself, no one is going to send him back to Moscow. Moreover, law enforcement authorities intend to ensure his presence at court hearings through video broadcasts.

Serezha Bentley's defense could neither get an official explanation from the Federal Penitentiary Service related to the urgent transfer of their client before the sentence could come into force. The unofficial version of Asatryan's transfer to the Vladimir Central is attributed to the confrontation between thieves in law, which has recently broke out in the Butyrka prison.

In 2017, Akhmed Evloev, known in the criminal circles as Akhmed Sutuly, arrived in Butyrka. Some thieves, including Shakro Molodoy, disputed his thieves' status. The gangsters knew for a fact that Sutuly was not a thief in law when serving his sentence the previous time. This time, Osetrina Mladshy, who was also serving his sentence in Butyrka, supported the information about his 'thief in law' status. Serega Bentley circulated a kite, which said that thief in law Akhmed Sutuly arrived in the detention facility. 

The Butyrka prison was also where mafia enforcer Dato was held. During one of the conversations with his interlocutors, he voiced Lasha Shushanashvili's negative opinion about thief in law Lasha Barateli. Akhmed Sutuly began to demand that Dato apologize for what he had said; after that, Shushanashvili’s clan stood up for the latter. They requested that Akhmed take no action in relation to the current situation. Sutuly, in turn, ignored the urgent and beat Dato. This incident initiated the showdown in the underground.


Akhmed Evloev (Akhmed Sutuly)

Akhmed Sutuly and Lasha Barateli are members of the clan of thief in law Merab Dzhangveladze, who is is at odds with Lasha Shushanshvili. The opponents' clan unanimously recognized that Akhmed Sutuly had done wrong, since Dato had voiced someone else's opinion, rather than a personal view. In addition, not being a thief in law, Akhmed Sutuly should not have judged the mafia enforcer’s act, as he had not been entitled to it. 

During the showdown, Osetrina Mladshy's authority was also put into question. However, he assured that he circulated the kite without knowing all intricacies of the situation regarding Sutuly and his thief in law's status. It is noteworthy that Akhmed Sutuly has recently admitted his wrongfulness in the situation with Dato.

Due to the current situation, there are reasons to believe that the Federal Penitentiary Service has specifically decided to move direct and indirect participants in the showdown as far as possible from Moscow to prevent a new massacre.



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