Sentence served - how will Chechnya cover up for thief Aziz now?  

Sentence served - how will Chechnya cover up for thief Aziz now?
Aziz Batukayev (in the center)

The other day the imprisonment term of Chechen thief in law Aziz Batukayev in Chechnya has expired and according to the law he is to be extradited to Kyrgyzstan.

Chechen thief in law Aziz Batukayev was released, although he himself probably did not feel it, because in Chechnya, where he arrived in 2013 from Kyrgyzstan, he was serving his term in more than alleviated conditions.

The Chechen thief in law convicted in Kyrgyzstan for 16 years (for storing weapons, drugs and organizing riots in the colony), pretended to be dead sick in 2013. The court was presented with documents that he had blood cancer, so it decided to release the 'dying' person. And then, apparently, a pre-planned scheme began to be implemented - right on the day of liberation Batukayev was taken to Chechnya. According to some reports, a private plane for this was provided by a well-known Chechen figure, State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov.

It is an open question why the Chechen authorities need this. Perhaps they also want to have an influence on the thieves' world through an 'authoritative' crime boss, for whose role Batukayev proved suitable. Of all the Chechen criminals he suited quite perfectly, his drug addiction notwithstanding - in the Kyrgyz colony he even had his hemp plot, as well as political views - the walls of his cell were decorated with portraits of Maskhadov and Basayev, along with the flag of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.


Batukayev on the day of release from prison at Manas airport (Bishkek)

However, immediately after Batukayev left Kyrgyzstan, it became clear that the results of the medical examination were counterfeit. In March 2014, the Bishkek court declared the thief wanted by the Interpol. And the Chechen authorities, in order not to extradite him, brought a criminal case against Batukayev on the storage of weapons and sentenced him to 3 years in prison. Officially Batukayev was a prisoner of Chernokozovo correctional facility-2, but as evidenced by various photographs leaked to the Internet, the thief in law was not limited in his movement around the republic. However, due to his uncertain legal status, he tried not to leave Chechnya's borders, and arranged gatherings on its territory. He did not lose contact with Kyrgyzstan as well - Karyshkyr, the Kyrgyz successor of Batukayev, was 'crowned' at one of such meetings.

Now, when the term of his sentence has come to an end, the Chechen authorities do not have a formal reason not to extradite Batukayev to Kyrgyzstan. Only time will tell what they will come up with for saving Aziz this time.



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