Security forces to eliminate Takhi's criminal empire

Security forces to eliminate Takhi's criminal empire
Georgy Uglava aka Takhi

The exposing of Kakha, Malykh and Olegych gang happened due to testimonies of the thief in law henchmen.⁠

Some details of a large-scale special operation on the rout of a extortioners' large criminal group, conducted by the Chita security officers last week, have become known. As Vechorka found out, the exposure of the organized crime group was due to the testimony of arrested thief in law Takhi's henchmen, who went to a pre-trial agreement and handed over their comrades.

According to the data of Vechorka, after the arrest of Takhi, his proteges Kakha, Malykh and Olegych remained at large and continued to nightmarize Trans-Baikal businessmen. It is known that the person, who handed over them, told the investigation a lot of interesting things, went free and became a participant in the program of state protection of witnesses. Evil tongues say that "he will not survive, and the cause of his death will not be a state of health."

Recall that on March 14 during a large-scale special operation in Chita, a large criminal group that was operating in the region for about two years in the spirit of the 90s was defeated. A special operation to detain leaders and active participants of the organized criminal group was carried out by the staff of the Interdistrict Department for Combating Organized Crime, the Investigation Department of the Territorial Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Special Forces soldiers of Rosgvardia. Criminals were caught simultaneously in different districts of Chita and the suburbs. As a result of the event, 10 leaders and active members of the criminal group were detained. The gang was engaged in large extortions, robberies, the carjacking of expensive foreign cars and other serious crimes. In the spirit of the 90's they forcedly patronized businessmen, including foreign ones. At the same time, they claimed about alleged corruption connections in law enforcement bodies, which were constantly flaunted to the victims. This circumstance explains why many of the victims preferred to remain silent. Now, Special Forces mention 50 known criminal episodes, but during the investigation its number may increase exponentially.

At present, the detainees are involved in a number of criminal cases initiated under extortion, robbery, illegal drug trafficking and unlawful taking over of another's vehicles. Now, all of them are in the pre-trial detention center, the question of their arrest is being decided.

Now it became known that this was not an independent criminal structure, but only a part of the Takhi's criminal empire, which, judging by the events, the Transbaikalian security officers intend to turn into ashes.



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