Searches in Vasya Voskres’s house reveal ownerless pistol

Searches in Vasya Voskres’s house reveal ownerless pistol
Siloviki storm Vasya Voskres’s place

About a month ago, the thief in law was detained in order to be warned about a ban on entry to Belarus.⁠

Officers of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department in the Moscow region have searched the house of thief in law Vasily Khristoforov aka Vasya Voskres. Inspection of ancillary facilities revealed a pistol. Vasya Voskres said that he had nothing to do with the weapon found and had no idea how it ended up in his house. As a result, the pistol has been registered as an unsolved crime, and Voskres has not been brought into the proceedings, not even as a suspect.

About a month ago, Khristoforov had already been detained by law enforcement bodies in Moscow. The notification of the Department of Civil Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus on the ban on entering that country before January 13, 2021 was read him. It had been issued on the basis of materials of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption. At the same time, it is noted that the decision was made based on part 1 of Art. 30 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons" (a foreigner may be refused entry if he/she has violated the rules of crossing the state border). 

It is clear that the entry ban may have political causes. In March 2017, Head of the Russian MIA Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced all Belarusian thieves in the law lifelong persona non grata.

Around the same time, according to the CrimeRussia’s sources, Vasily Khristoforov left Russia. After the underworld leader Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), and later his associate thief in law Yury Pichugin (Pichuga), were detained, he decided that it was no longer safe in Russia. According to some sources, the thief went to Milan to make it through heavy times. However, as it turned out, he is currently living in his house in the Moscow region’s Novaya Riga.

To recall, in early November, employees of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department in the Moscow region raided thief in law Aleksandr Zakharov, better known as Shurik Zakhar. A traumatic pistol repurposed as combat pistol and 10g of marijuana were discovered in the 65-year-old thief in law’s house in the Moscow region’s Chekhov district. Two criminal cases were initiated against Zakharov for the possession of drugs and weapons, however, he got away with only a written undertaking not to leave.



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