Sasha Sever asserts Krug's murderers are dead while there is investigative experiment with suspects going on 

Sasha Sever asserts Krug's murderers are dead while there is investigative experiment with suspects going on
Mikhail Krug and Sasha Sever

Thief in law Sasha Sever was a friend of Mikhail Krug.

The day before it became known that the police conducted an investigative experiment with a suspect in Mikhail Krug’s murder in the house of chansonnier in Tver. For the time of the experiment, the stretch of the street where the house is located was blocked and the residential property itself was cordoned off.

That said, thief in law Alexander Severov (Sasha Sever), a fellow countryman and friend of the famous chansonnier, said in one interview that all his killers were already dead. “Take the word of the thief in law for it!” he added then.

Михаил Круг навещает Северова в тюрьме

Mikhail Krug visits Severov in prison

“As far as I know, they did not want to kill Misha (short for Mikhail - Ed.). There was a rumor in Tver that Mikhail Krug sold his new album for 200 thousand dollars. Any crime figure in Tver knows that there is no compromise for me when it comes to friends. I will come with a grenade for my friends. This group went to Misha’s house for money, and he just came their way (ran out with a gun),” said Severov.

Krug was killed on the night of July 1, 2002. After breaking into his house, the robbers ran into resistance from the singer and opened fire on him. Earlier, a member of the Tver gang, Alexander Ageyev, sentenced to life for other crimes, was called responsible for this, but this version was not confirmed. Later, Ageyev himself stated that some Dmitry Veselov, whose remains were allegedly found in 2012, had shot Krug dead. But these words also remained unsubstantiated.

Now, Olga Medvedeva, sister of the murdered musician and Executive Director of the Mikhail Krug Creative Legacy Foundation, resides in house 172 on Osvobozhdeniya Street in Tver. “I was asked to remove unnecessary things for the time of the experiment and to leave. I was in a neighboring house,” TASS cites her as saying. According to Medvedeva, she could not get a clear look at the alleged killer of her brother, but expressed confidence that she had not seen him before.

Дом Круга

Krug's house

When Sever met Mikhail Krug, he had not yet achieved all-Russian fame and was popular only in his native Tver. Their first meeting in prison was arranged by the wife of the crime lord, Galina. Subsequently, Krug visited Sever in colonies more than once, and when he was released, he became a frequent guest in his mansion.

According to one version, the refrain of Krug's most famous song Vladimirsky Tsentral originally looked this way: “Vladimirsky Tsentral, Sasha Severny.” However, Sever himself, after listening to the song, asked to remove his name from it. This way the word “wind” appeared in the text instead of “Sasha.”



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