Sasha Kushner lost title of main Belarusian thief in law. 'Crown' promised for his head 

Sasha Kushner lost title of main Belarusian thief in law. 'Crown' promised for his head
Sasha Kushner

Oleg Mumu has become the new criminal leader of the country.

Thief in Law Alexander Kushner (Sasha Kushner) has lost control of the criminal world of Belarus. In June, he left the country, not coming to a huddle with an opponent, and a 'thieves' crown' was promised for his head. Mumu (Oleg Gerasimovich), 'crowned' in 2012 by the clan of Taro (Tariel Oniani) in Dubai, has become the new leader of the underworld of Belarus.

Of the four Taro's 'godchildren' three are in the country - Mumu (Oleg Gerasimovich), Pashtet (Pavel Alekseevich) and Medvezhonok (Alexander Medvedev), and two of them are in custody.

Kushnerov was part of the most influential Belarusian criminal group - Morozov's gang, whose leader was shot in 2008. In 1996, Kushner's maximum punishment was changed for 15 years' imprisonment. By the end of the 1990s, he became a mafia enforcer from thief in law Vladimir Biryukov (Biryuk), belonging to the circle of Ded Khasan (Aslan Usoyan), as opposed to the protege of Dmitry Galeyev (Galey), Yury Polshkov (Boroda).


Vladimir Biryukov (middle)

Kushner was 'crowned' by Ded Khasan (Aslan Usoyan) in May 2011 along with Tsirkach, Shamil Smolyansky, Gilani Sedoy and Armen Khokhol. This provoked protests among Georgians, who were not satisfied with the fact that not enough 'thieves' attended the 'coronation.' A few days later, Badri Kutaissky held a gathering at which he deprived all the 'godchildren' of Ded Khasan of the 'crown,' but he himself also lost the title. Six months later, Kushnerov was able to regain his status.

At the end of 2012, Taro's clan held its own 'coronation' at a Dubai gathering in retaliation to the one of Usoyan. Mumu, Pashtet, Lebed and Medvezhonok became 'thieves' then. However, two months later, Lebed and Pashtet were deprived of their status. Earlier, in 2008, Ded Khasan and Yaponchik suspended the status of Galey.

In 2015, Mumu lost his title at a gathering in Turkey. In the same year, Kushnerov was deprived of the 'crown' by Shakro Molodoy, who considered that he would be able to halt the conflict of two clans in this way. Later Kushner moved to Turkey, where he became close with supporters of Nadir Salifov (Guli), who returned him the title in 2016.



In October 2018, Kushner distributed a circular letter in Belarusian prisons and colonies, in which he called Mumu, Pashtet, Medvezhonok, Lebed (Ruslan Lebedev) and Galey (Dmitry Galeyev) “inhumans” for ignoring in 2013 the decision of crime boss Vladimir Biryukov (Birya) deceased in 2009 on the also deceased Sasha Apuka. In 2007, the latter found himself in the Mogilev detention center in the same cell with representatives of a lower caste. Birya ordered everyone to deal with him accordingly. However, later crime lords in the Grodno prison recognized Apuka as equal to themselves, which provoked a split in the criminal world of Belarus.

In the spring of 2019, due to disagreements over the money box, Kushner's closest alpha dogs withdrew from him and put forward claims against him. Among them was a mafia enforcer for Belarus, known as Shults, who was detained on May 4 with drugs. A criminal case on drug-dealing was opened against Shults, he was taken into custody. After that, the Georgian 'godparents' of Taro's disgraced supporters invited Kushner to Turkey.


June 17, when Kushner did not appear at the meeting, Koba Akhvlediani told him not to call himself a 'thief' ever again. According to some information, Kushner has left Belarus, and the decisions he made on people are being revised.



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