Sasha Kushner left Belarus

Sasha Kushner left Belarus
According to sources, this photo oSasha Kushner had been made a few hours before flying to Turkey

Information about the "thief’s in law" moving was confirmed by the Head of the Belarus MIA Main Anti-Crime and Anti-Corruption Directorate Nikolay Karpenkov.

One of the most famous Belarusian "thieves in law", however, these days with the prefix ex, left his homeland and settled in Turkey. The fact that the 49-year-old Alexander Kushnerov, in the criminal world better known as Sasha Kushner and Kushner Gomelsky, went abroad, became known to a source of "Belgazeta".

According to the newspaper, Kushner went to Turkey for permanent residence as early as mid-May, but it became known only now. The information about the criminal’s moving was confirmed the Head of the Belarus MIA Main Anti-Crime and Anti-Corruption Directorate Nikolay Karpenkov. When asked what Kushner was so scared of, Karpenkov replied: "Nothing, we are doing our job, his period of preventive supervision has ended, and he had the right to fly to the four winds."

It is to be recalled that Alexander Kushnerov was arrested in November 2012 in Moscow and subsequently expelled from the country for violation of the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. Earlier, at home the "kingpin" was prosecuted under 422 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (evasion of preventive supervision). In March 2013, he was convicted of evading preventive supervision and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in a penal colony. The sentence was for a complete surprise Kushnerov, since he expected to be released from the courtroom.


Sasha Kushnerov was crowned in May 2011 by Ded Khassan. In March 2015, it became known that the "thief in law" Shakro Molodoy who came back from Spain conducted a "clean up" immediately uncrowning 12 kingpins. In addition to Kushner, this list includes Gilani Sedoy, Shamil, Armen Khokhol, Nick Gagrinsky, Lexo Galsky, Beso Rustavsky, Artem Lipetsky, Vlad Sharap, the Guli brothers and so on. What exactly made the uncrowned theif in law  to leave the country is not known.



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