Samara region colonies took up two thieves in law

Samara region colonies took up two thieves in law

The criminal 'authorities' from St. Petersburg and the Far East were convoyed to the region.⁠

Two thieves in law were imprisoned in penitentiaries of the Samara region for serving their sentence, Head of the Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Interior Ministry of Russia in the region Konstantin Zarudnev told TERRA television and radio company. One of the kingpins comes from the northern capital, the other - from the Far East.

Zarudnev noted that thieves in law were brought to the region from other correctional institutions in the country.

"Those thieves in the law, who are placed here, came here not with their feet, but were transferred by FSIN’s decision, they are serving a sentence. That is, they were convoyed from other regions," he said.

According to Zarudnev, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSIN officers organized activities to counter their "possible negative influence." He said that the influence of criminal leaders would not develop beyond the places where they serve their sentence.



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