Sakal to face 18 years in prison

Sakal to face 18 years in prison
Ulan Toktosunov (left)

The Kyrgyz thief in law is accused of the murder of Kolya Kyrgyz's approximate.

The Pervomaisky district court terminates the trial of Kyrgyz thief in law Ulan Toktosunov, known in the criminal world under nickname Sakal. The thief, we recall, is accused of a murder of Kamchia Kolbaev's (Kolya Kyrgyz) approximate - Damir Saparbekov (Danke). In the case there are three defendants - Sakal and two of his alleged accomplice - Saparbek Aliev and Dastan Tashtanbekov.

On December 13, the court began pleadings. The Prosecutor asked for Toktosunov 18 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, Aliev faces up 17 years in prison, Dastan Tashtanbekov - 9 years.

Recall, 36-year-old Danke was killed by small arms fire in April 2015 near the entrance of his home in Bishkek. In hot pursuit one of the killers was arrested. It appeared to be a Toktosunov's gang member - 25-year-old Adilet Kazakov. Earlier, the court sentenced him to 14 years in prison. Another suspect, Kairat Tokushev, is still being sought.

On this fact, the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case under article Murder. In May of the same year, Toktosunov was declared internationally wanted. However, at the end of the year he returned to his homeland on his own. Arriving in Bishkek with flight from Moscow, he turned himself in to the airport's police. Such strange behavior was explained by his desire to get into the pre-trial detention center № 1, from which all the prisoners of local prisons are controlled. However, the court decided to transfer Toktosunov to the detention center № 24 in the south of the Republic.

However, during one of the hearings, Sakal made it clear that he did not pretend to the title of thief in law saying that he did not even know the meaning, adding that he "is not the king to be crowned". Although, there are a lot of evidence of Sakal's relations with well-known Russian, and not only, thieves in law. It is also known that Sakal met with the thief in law Aziz Batukayev (Aziz). For a long time located in Kyrgyzstan, and now living in Chechnya, the thief was an enemy of younger kingpin Kamchia Kolbaev.



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