Thief in law Sakal goes on hunger strike

Thief in law Sakal goes on hunger strike
Thief in law Ulan Toktosunov has voluntarily surrendered to the authorities of Kyrgyzstan

The thief in law, sentenced to 17 years, will not be transferred to a colony from a remote pre-trial detention center in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

Thief in law Ulan Toktosunov (Sakal), who had been sentenced to 17 years' imprisonment for organizing the assassination of crime lord Damir Saparbekov, has declared a hunger strike. This has been reported to Vecherny Bishkek by the thief in law's wife Asel Shabdanalieva.

According to his wife, Toktosunov has declared a hunger strike due to the fact that the National Offender Management Service had decided against transferring him to a colony near Bishkek despite the relevant court decision. In her words, the convict remains in a solitary confinement in Naryn prison, to where it is difficult for her to travel every week, as she has to asks relatives to watch her three children.

"My husband's registered place of residence is in Bishkek, the crime was committed in this city, and the courts seatings were held there. Why don’t they transfer him closer to Bishkek? There are plenty of correctional institutions nearby," Shabdanalieva says.

Toktosunov's wife has also told that the National Offender Management Service had not responded to her letter, in which she reports about her husband starving for the fourth day.

Meanwhile, when asked by the publication to comment on the situation, the republic's National Offender Management Service stated that the agency did not receive any official notification of prisoner Toktosunov's hunger strike.

Thief in law Ulan Toktosunov (Sakal) had been found guilty of organizing the murder of a member of Kamchy Kolbayev (Kolya-Kirgiz)'s OCG Damir Saparbekov (Danke) in April 2015.  In May 2015, Toktosunov was declared wanted, but 7 months later he returned to Kyrgyzstan and voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. December 22, 2016, the Court of Bishkek sentenced the thief to 17 years of imprisonment.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, by surrendering, Sakal expected to be transferred to the biggest isolator in the republic – SIZO-1 (pre-trial detention center No. 1) in Bishkek – which also functions as a prison. However, when electing a measure of restraint, the court sent Sakal in SIZO-24 to the south of the republic, where he is currently detained.

It is noteworthy that SIZO-1 is known as the unofficial center of all Kyrgyzstan's prisons. After a riot in the prison in January 2012, more than a thousand prisoners in all the penitentiary institutions of the republic declared a mass hunger strike, sewing their own mouths.⁠



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